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Netcetera Named Fastest Web Host

Another great month has been had by all of Netcetera’s clients. Netcetera  is the #1 out again out of all the UK’s top ISP’s monitored by Webperf, the Monitoring Service Company. Since the start of 2016 Netcetera has regularly been in or around the top spot for speed of hosting and reliability of service and this high standard has been maintained right throughout the year with another month at the top of the Webperf rankings for November.

As we’ve mentioned before, Webperf calculates the transferring rate against time. This measures the speed of our datacentre. Since October 1998 Webperf has been the UK’s only independent ISP performance benchmark. Testing any willing ISP’s for performance and reliability 24/7. Unlike some ISP’s we are more than happy to have external monitoring as it clearly demonstrates just how fast and reliable our hosting is. Just take a look…

As we come to the end of the year, we’ve decided to end with some amazing deals on hosting, managed cloud, and dedicated servers, so with so many great deals around there has never been a better time to find out how one of the UK’s most reliable hosting provider can transform your business.

Changing over to super fast Carbon Zero hosting is so easy to do. So if you want excellent technical support, unbeatable pricing and industry leading reliability there’s only one place to look.

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