Netcetera offers a chance to test drive Windows Server 2012 Beta for only £1

Windows Server 2012, formerly codenamed Windows Server 8, is the next release of Windows Server currently under development by Microsoft. It is the server version of Windows 8 and the successor to Windows Server 2008 R2.

Netcetera are very pleased to offer this opportunity for only £1.00! Windows Server 2012 provides enormous flexibility for hosting web-based applications on-premises and in the cloud, giving enterprises and hosting providers an advanced server platform that can provide the flexibility, scalability and compatibility for creating and managing private clouds and running vital applications.


  • Complete Virtualization Platform
  • Increased Scalability and Performance
  • Connectivity to Cloud Services
  • Continuous Availability
  • Management Efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Flexibility to Build On-Premises and in the Cloud
  • A Scalable and Elastic Infrastructure
  • An Open Web and App Development Environment
  • Access to Applications and Data from Virtually Anywhere on Any Device
  • A Full Windows Experience Anywhere
  • Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

The server specifications are:

  • CPU: 1 Core
  • RAM: 1024 MB Guaranteed
  • OS: Windows Server 2012 Beta
  • BANDWIDTH: 200GB/pm

Test drive the Windows Server 2012 Beta for only £1.00 for the first month, then just £20.99/pm!

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Netcetera Launches Cloud Desktops

We are delighted to announce that Netcetera has launched our latest product, Cloud Desktops. It provides fully functional, personalizable, and persistent desktops without the cost and complexity associated with obtaining hardware, configuring operating systems, or building a Desktop Infrastructures.

It gives you secure, reliable access to desktops in the cloud from any client device. Most importantly, you pay for only what you use.

Personalize your desktops however you want; add whatever applications you need. Your desktop, data and personalization are with you until you delete your desktop. You never need to manage roaming profiles or third-party solutions for personalization management.

Netcetera Cloud Desktops Web interface simplifies creating, imaging, deleting, and tracking desktop usage in the cloud. You can manage multiple users, each with their own personal desktops. The interface allows you to track who is using their desktop and how long they are using it.


  • Personalized and Persistent
  • Inexpensive and Hassle-Free
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Available Anytime, Anywhere, From any Device
  • Easy to Manage
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • iPad and iPhone Support

What can you do with Netcetera Cloud Desktops?

  • Access Windows Applications on Cloud Devices
  • Find an Inexpensive and Simple Alternative to In-House-VDI
  • Provide Desktops for Classroom Applications
  • Manage Desktops for Seasonal or Contractor Workforces

Have the opportunity to test our Cloud Desktop for a 7 Day trial. The Cloud Desktop is secure, reliable and available anytime, anywhere from any device.

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Netcetera Launches Sitebuilder

We are delighted to announce that Netcetera has launched our latest product, Sitebuilder. This is an innovative all-in-one website building solution. SiteBuilder allows you to build a website without needing any technical knowledge, and is perfect for anybody looking for a simple solution to build a website.

SiteBuilder makes it so easy!  You can create business and hobby sites, online portfolios, and more. It’s as easy as a few clicks of the mouse and it does not require downloading any software to your computer.

SiteBuilder includes all the tools, widgets and templates that you need to build a beautiful website.

SiteBuilder enables you to build websites as soon as you have signed up so you can have your website live in a matter of minutes. Features include drag and drop building, the possibility to set up shop and add images and videos as well as superb help and support.

With Netcetera’s Sitebuilder you can build your own website for as little as £4/pm and to test drive the solution we are offering a 14 day FREE trial.

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Netcetera Selected to Join Microsoft BizSpark Program

Netcetera are proud to announce that they have been selected to join the Microsoft BizSpark Program as a Network Partner. The BizSpark Program is a global program designed to accelerate the success of early stage Startups by connecting them to Network Partners: active members of the global software ecosystem who can provide mentorship, guidance and resources to BizSpark Startups. BizSpark creates an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship between Microsoft Corp., Startups and Network Partners.

“The announcement of this strategic relationship with Microsoft provides Netcetera the opportunity to provide  enhanced services to our clients”, said Dan Taylor of Netcetera “In addition, it enables us to access exclusive resources to help increase our customer’s revenues and provide new market opportunities and solutions to grow and develop their business. BizSpark is an exciting program specifically designed to provide early stage Startups with software, support, and visibility to help ignite your success and is ideal for software developers, particularly ISVs and SaaS companies, looking to develop using Microsoft tools.”

BizSpark gives Startups fast and easy access to Microsoft’s current full-featured development tools, platform technologies as well as production licenses to bring to market innovative and interoperable solutions for the next generation of user experiences.

To be eligible for the Microsoft BizSpark Program, Startups must be actively engaged in development of a software-based product or service that is a core piece of their business model, have been in business less than three years at the time of enrollment, and have less than USD$1M in annual revenue. Startups may enroll for the program by obtaining an enrollment code from a designated BizSpark Network Partner.

More details on the BizSpark Programme offered by Netcetera can be found at

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Netcetera Launches Free ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting Beta Sandbox for Developer Community

Netcetera are delighted to announce that they have launched a new free ASP.NET 4.5 Beta Hosting sandbox as part of their hosting lab. This free hosting sandbox program allows users to experience the next generation .NET framework technology.

The free sandbox hosting program is a limited program offered as an open beta for developers, on a first come first served basis.

With .NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft .NET has been enhanced significantly to enable developers to be as productive as possible while building rich, reliable and high-performance software in managed code. Enhancements include language, performance and networking support.

Netcetera’s CTO Tim Cass commented  “With the beta release of .NET 4.5, we wanted to make sure developers get early experience with the newest framework in a hosted environment. We hope that the beta program will help the Microsoft developer community get a jump start building ASP.NET 4.5 applications.”

This is an excellent opportunity to experience the newest framework in a hosted environment. More details on the ASP.NET 4.5 Beta offered by Netcetera can be found at

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Netcetera launches new Managed Windows Cloud Server

Are you a web developer, a reseller or do you have the need for a better hosting solution than traditional Shared Hosting?

Netcetera are proud to announce the launch of our new Managed Window Cloud Server to bring  you a faster, more reliable, scalable and easy to use hosting solution!

  • With your Managed Windows Cloud Server, multiple servers are connected together so that there will be no more failures or slow hosting. In the case that a server fails, our Hyper-V Cloud automatically starts another instance for you.
  • Your Cloud Server will delivers outstanding performance even during peak times.
  • Your Cloud Server comes with 24/7 support, Server Firewall Protection, Free Migration and much more!
  • Your Cloud Server will also reduce your costs because you can increase or decrease your resource as and when you need, and therefore only pay for what you use.
  • Your Cloud Server is very simple to use because it has a pre-installed web-based control panel which allows you to manage all your websites in a simple way, FTP, Emails, Database and other resources.
  • Why is it called the “Cloud”? In simple words, imagine a cloud with many servers working together to make sure your website will be fast and never fail!

Special Launch Offer

We are offering the server for 1/2 price for the first 3 months, a 7 day risk-free trial and we will even transfer your site for you.

The Technical Stuff

Your Managed Windows Cloud Server solution is built across multiple high performance Dell servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 and managed by Microsoft’s Hyper-V Cloud virtualisation technology and Microsoft System Center. Clients share the hardware resources of the servers but each client has their own operating system – providing the application flexibility of a dedicated solution but with the cost savings of a cloud.

What others say

“We previously used another host that provided very cheap self-hosting for up to 15 websites. However we found that reliability was a continuous problem and despite claims of 99% or better up time we would find sites down for hours and sometimes days. Most of our sites were not business critical so this was not a big issue. However we are now providing cloud based applications and need the flexibility a hosted server provides. We chose Netcetera for this after exploring the market due to previous good experiences of system uptime and support responsiveness. In summary Netcetera provide us with a great product at a very competitive price.”
David Gee, HG Technology Ltd

Find out more at or feel free to get in touch with our helpful sales team.

Check out our new Mobile App – Beta Testers Wanted!

Our Developers have been working hard on building the Netcetera mobile web app – and we are looking for Beta Testers!

It utilises all the latest technologies – and will run on all of todays modern smartphones, including iPhone, iPad, Android etc

So far it allows you to:

  • Find out more about Netcetera’s Products and Services
  • Search if a Domain Name is available to register
  • Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Get the latest news from Netcetera, including our latest blog articles
  • Signup for unique Promotions
  • Login to your Client Area and
    • View your Services
    • View your Domains
    • Open a ticket with our Support Team
  • Login to your Web Mail
  • View live status of our Network & Service Status
  • Get in contact with us including requesting a callback

We have many more features planned – so let us know your feedback with any bugs, improvements, ideas etc

If you are interested in getting involved – please do get in touch!

Netcetera partners with R1Soft

Isle of Man, THE BRITISH ISLES, 11 March 2010 — Netcetera, one of Europe’s leading managed hosting and data center providers, today announced it has implemented R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) software to offer a new self-managed backup service to its Windows and Linux clients.

R1Soft CDP enables Netcetera to provide its clients with many beneficial features including an easy-to-use Web interface for client self-service and bare-metal restore capabilities for minimal down time. Through the web-based administration portal, clients can easily manage their own high-performance backups and restores. By allowing the delegation of administrative functions, R1Soft CDP simplifies the entire process for clients and administrators.

R1Soft’s disk-to-disk server backup software takes snapshots of data at the block level, bypassing the file system to increase performance and significantly reduce network resource usage. This next-generation technology will bring Netcetera clients a whole new level of data protection with continuous, high-performance backups. With the bare-metal restore feature, clients gain the ability to restore an entire server to a previous state directly from any point-in-time snapshot without installing the O/S.

“It’s important for us to offer our clients an easy-to-use, powerful backup and restore service and R1Soft is reliable, feature-rich backup software that allows us to offer this at an affordable price,” said Tim Cass, CTO of Netcetera. “Plus, a quality backup solution that works efficiently means happy clients.”

Netcetera is offering a variety of backup service options that will start at just £10/month for 10GB of space and range up to 1000 GB space. For more information about Netcetera’s backup services visit:

Web Application Security and Your Website

In a recent interview with SC Magazine, Sergey Gordeychik, a contributor for the international standards group Web Application Security Consortium (WASC), explained that web application security problems have grown significantly over the past few years and that most web applications today are vulnerable.

The blame, according to Gordeychk, falls on the fact that security requirements often are not considered in the system design of web applications, making it hard to eliminate vulnerabilities. Attackers can easily detect these bugs with very little effort by using automated scanners.

But just how large is the threat? According to some, web applications account for over 70 percent of known vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, when people see these numbers they assume that we are talking about large scale proprietary applications deployed on corporate web site. What the average person forgets, or isn’t even aware of, is that solutions like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! are all web applications.

While hosting providers often make it easy for their customers to deploy these applications with script installers like Fantastico or SimpleScripts, the person who installs the application is often unaware to the vulnerabilities that exist.

Common Security Vulnerabilities

So what types of vulnerabilities exist in common web applications? Two of the most common found by researchers are:

  • SQL injection attacks – where the language that runs the database queries is exploited by injecting unauthorized commands into the Web form input box taking advantage of insecure code bypassing the firewall. When this exploit is successful, the attacker gains access to the database where they can steal data like user accounts or even modify data to falsify orders or escalate the privileges of a user account.
  • Cross-site scripting – where the attacker exploits a vulnerability that allows them to inject malicious code into a web site that tricks visitors into clicking a link that may collect data entered by the victim, such as a credit card number or password, or the link may steal the victim’s cookie allowing the attacker to recreate the victim’s session id to highjack their browser session.

You can read about other common security risks here.

What’s the Risk?

As the owner of a web site, these threats pose a significant problem. After exploiting these vulnerabilities, attackers are able to steal data from your visitors, modify data, deface your web sites, escalate user privileges, and many other illicit activities. In addition to the damage these attacks can cause to the visitors and registered users of your site, as a company your reputation can take a serious decline with existing clients, potential clients, and the search engines. All of the hard work that went into building a successful online presence can be dismantled as a result of just one attack.

Proactive Application Security

To protect against such threats, the WASC recommends the use of a Web Application Firewall to mitigate many of the vulnerabilities that exist in today’s web applications. Web application firewalls perform a deep inspection of data packets transferred between the server and the browser so they are capable of preventing attacks that network firewalls and intrusion detection systems can’t.

Netcetera has recently partnered with Applicure to deploy web application Security as a Service through their dotDefender web application firewall. In doing so, we are able to provide all Netcetera customers with a way to stop potential exploits at the gate – before they reach the web application. To read more about this new Netcetera service, please visit: