Embrace the Cloud in January and get 25% OFF your first order

Start 2017 with a new Cloud Server and save 25% with Netcetera throughout January.

With Cloud Hosting being the way forward for many businesses we’ve decided to help you make the move so much easier. Right throughout January we’re giving you 25% OFF all our Cloud Hosting Solutions.

So if your thinking about starting a new business, expanding an existing one or simply looking for a Hosting Solution that delivers speed, security and puts scalability at your fingertips then take a look at all of our fantastic Cloud Servers.

With Linux Cloud Servers starting from as little as £5.00 /pm, Windows Cloud Servers from only £15.00 /pm, and our latest Custom VPS from less than £15.00 /pm we can help you embrace the cloud like no other datacentre services provider.

For those of you who know exactly what you need, you can configure your ideal Cloud Server online, select the amount of RAM, number of CPU’s, Operating System, Backups and Storage Space Required, if you’re not sure what you need to get the best from all that the Cloud can offer, our friendly team of Cloud Specialists can help you put together a solution to deliver all your requirements, on time and on budget. Use promo code BLOG1 at the checkout to get your 25% OFF.

If you’re not sure or need something a little more bespoke why not give us a call today to find out how you can benefit from our January Cloud Deals…

Start Your Cloud Hosting Today


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Grab A Hosting Bargain This Weekend Black Friday – Cyber Monday

25% Off All Hosting, All Weekend, From The UK’s #1 Hosting Provider

We are giving you the chance to get the best hosting in the UK with this great offer. That’s right a full weekend of great offers across all of our hosting products. From Black Friday until Cyber Monday, we are offering a 25% discount across all of our hosting solutions. 

We know what it’s like having to put up with a slow website, downtime and unreliable service. After all we’ve been helping clients for over 20 years find the best hosting solutions for their businesses. Don’t just take our word for it you should also check out what our clients have to say.

“Netcetera has become my “go-to” ISP for the domain names I purchase on behalf of my clients. They also host several sites that I’ve developed for organisations of various sizes. Both Netcetera’s customer service and their online knowledge-base are excellent. Questions I may have, regarding the products or services provided to me, are answered swiftly. I’m more than happy to recommend Netcetera to others.” 
Derek Green

The really good news is that you can enjoy these deals without having to fight to get them. Sit back, click onto our website and save money without the hassle. From Black Friday until midnight on Cyber Monday you can choose from a vast array of superb hosting solutions:

All designed to provide you with exactly what you need to ensure your website has a safe home.

This offer won’t last so make the most of these great savings and sign up before midnight on Monday 28th November. 

Use BLACKFRIDAY16 promo code to redeem your 25% discount and start your better hosting experience today. Click on that big red button below and start saving right now.

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Offer valid until Midnight Monday 28th November. Available to all new clients only . Valid for new purchases only. 25% discount valid on first payment. Prepay for 12 months for bigger savings.

Make your website stand out with a 1 month FREE rankingCoach trial

Now’s your chance to test how good your website really could be with a FREE 1 month trial of some of the best SEO tools available.

Netcetera has got together with market leader rankingCoach to provide you with a program that guides you through the optimization of your website, step-by-step. With rankingCoach, your website quickly appears in better rankings on Google for a fraction of the usual costs.

We’re so confident that once you start using it you’ll see the difference this can make to your website traffic and sales within a very short time. Thats right no hassle, no catches or hidden charges, just a great opportunity to use a market leading SEO tool for free.

It’s so simple…. you don’t have to be an expert.

rankingCoach is made for beginners with no previous experience, if you have some knowledge you’ll find it even easier to use but with simple step by step tasks you’ll have your website flying up the Google ratings in no time.

  • Optimise your digital footprint – Do not lose any more customers because of outdated or wrong information
  • Leave your competitors behind – Stay one step ahead of your competitors
    with rankingCoach.
  • Get more search engine traffic – Optimise your site without expensive agencies
  • Your company on top – Get the best rank for your industry on Google
  • Optimised for all major CMS – No matter what CMS or shop system you use rankingCoach fits the best

Get all the angles covered…

  • SEO – get found super quick and by the right audience
  • Local online marketing – be found wherever your customers are looking for you
  • Social Media Optimisation – strengthen your brand, build great customer relations and make the most of all the social media platforms available

If all that wasn’t enough to make you want to try it, the really good news is that we’re giving away a no obligation free trial for a full month. This gives you plenty of time to see for yourself how rankingCoach can make your website traffic increase and put your site ahead of your competitors.

Simply visit our website using the button below and start your 1 month trial today. What are you waiting for?


Speak to Belinda today to find out what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please call 0800 808 5450 or Chat Live with one of the team

Find Hidden Search Terms With Our FREE SEO Report

How can SEO help my business?

Search Engine Optimisation can be the missing link your business needs. Every website owner would love to be at the top of Google for the product or service that they sell.

Search engine optimisation should always give you a return on investment; calling it a wise investment is an understatement.

We have an incredible dashboard that enables you to research keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business which will allow you to see how easily you can get to the first page in Google.

How easy is it to start using SEO to benefit my company?

It’s really easy to start using SEO to your advantage and once you’re on page one in Google you will get lots of traffic hitting your website. Create a free account with us and you’ll have access to a control panel with a powerful content research tool.

You can sit back and leave all the hard work to us while you concentrate on building your business.

Screenshot (13)Effective Seo – Guaranteed: All our SEO packages come with a 45 day guarantee. We are confident of results.

Screenshot (14)Highly Profitable: Boost leads and sales with our engaging and innovative content.

028bc705700c4b20a69dd4c775ff30fbControl Panel: Our unique control panel allows you to find key phrases you can get ranked for.

f4d32458db4040ceaaf191d2c56fd626Tracking Results: Track the success of your links and hash tags with our in-depth and accurate statistics.

How does it work?

Once you access the dashboard you will find a keyword research tools which enables you to research a range of keywords that represent your company. Within a few minutes you have research that would have taken weeks of work if done by hand.Don’t have the time to look at the dashboard, not a problem. Our FREE SEO control panel makes it easy to assemble you own SEO report in just a few hours.

When the research comes back you’ll have your own report which will identify phrases that you’d love to get found in Google for. A simple traffic light system lets you know if the keyword phrase is Green (easiest), Amber (harder, but achievable) or Red (unachievable at this budget).

It is even sorted by the estimated traffic volume that the search term should generate and we can also provide you with the PPC (pay per click) cost for a comparison.

The niche finder in our SEO dashboard will help you to find hidden gems that get you lots of visitors.

How are you ranking on Google against competitors? Our FREE SEO control panel has the answer. Try it now! 

Get Your FREE Niche Finder

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Get Your IT In Shape Today With Free Server Monitoring

Here at Netcetera we believe there are some things that you should get as standard, and this is why we’ve introduced a FREE server monitoring service. We feel that server and website monitoring should be part of the service and that’s why we’re introducing this for all our cloud and dedicated server clients as a FREE service.

Monitoring is an excellent way to save time and money. It keeps you in control, reduces downtime and can identify problems before they turn into disasters. Our monitoring will protect your business, more uptime means less problems and this equates to happy clients and no lost sales. Imagine how much easier it would be if your server and website was monitored and as soon as an issue is identified you were immediately notified. This is exactly what Netcetera’s new service provides.

So easy to set up and use

Some new products and solutions take time to get used to. Some might even cause additional problems to the ones you already have to deal with and some are just a real hassle, making you think why did you even bother in the first place. Then there’s the cost too. You have to ask yourself is it really worth it?Copy of planB.im

Well, we’re pleased to say that all these objections won’t be a problem.

Our new service is FREE for all our clients. So no need to worry about the cost. A monitoring service that is incredibly easy to use, that will monitor your servers  and website uptime and that will let you know if a problem exists by an email and text message. There is absolutely no hassle only benefits with our new service.

Features include :

  • Multiple Check Servers With Automated Failover
  • SMS Alerts
  • Notification Lists
  • API Alerts
  • User Custom Check support
  • Checks as often as every minute
  • Setup is easy
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Customizable timeout and retries per check

If you’re not already one of our clients and you feel that this is something your business demands as part of a solution then why not ask your current provider if this is something they will deliver for you for FREE. If the answer is no, then all you need to do is get in touch with our friendly team and we can put something together based on your existing requirements, possibly even beat your current costs and give you a server monitoring service second to none, that’s included in the price.

Find Out More

If you are already one of our valued clients we’re pleased to offer you free Cloud and Dedicated Server Monitoring. Please contact us for more details. If you’re not already one of our clients and feel that your current provider could do better, then why not see how we compare?

Questions? Let us help!

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The Great Summer Domain Name Sale – Save up to 98%

Over the last 20 years we have helped thousands of clients take advantage of some amazing technology offers which have helped them establish successful businesses. We’ve helped people like you turn ideas and dreams into reality.

We’ve now got another fantastic offer to share with you during our 20th year birthday celebrations and with savings of over 98% on some of the best Domain Names available you’ll think we’re giving them away. There’s no catch and no hassle as we’ve kept it quick and simple to be able to snap them up before these one off special offers expire.

Save over 98% on .XYZ – ideal for users who are looking for an affordable and recognizable TLD, without sacrificing flexibility. Use .XYZ to connect individuals and businesses of all sizes worldwide through the Generation XYZ community.

We’ve also got huge reductions on many more, just take a look at some of the great offers below with savings of up to 98%. 

Normal Price SALE Price
.XYZ £9.99 £0.15
.help £20.99 £4.99
.in £19.95 £10.00
.me £15.99 £6.99
.rocks £9.00 £4.50
.social £28.99 £23.00
.live £21.99 £9.99
.pro £15.00 £6.00
.black £39.99 £10.00
.blue £16.99 £12.99
.pink £16.99 £13.00
.shikshar £13.00 £3.99
.link £12.99 £3.99
.click £11.99 £3.99
.club £15.00 £3.00
.online £34.99 £7.99
.website £7.00 £3.00
.site £20.00 £8.00
.tech £40.00 £9.00
.space £12.00 £2.00
.store £54.99 £14.99
.global £65.00 £15.00
.biz £9.95 £4.99

Prices this good don’t stick around for long, so if you’ve got a great business idea, want to start a blog or simply change your Domain and save money, you know what you have to do. Why not add a website package at the same time and make your name really awesome with super fast reliable hosting from Netcetera.

Grab a Domain NOW

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Free SSL With All Netcetera Windows Hosting Packages

Firstly what is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Its standard security technology for encrypting information sent between the website and a visitor’s web browser.  Basically it’s the widget that makes a padlock appear in your browser bar. You can now get this technology free with Windows hosting packages from Netcetera.

Do I need one and why?

If you own or run a website the simple answer is YES.

Search engines are always looking for sites that secure sensitive data and make the web a safer place for their users, and Google is a driving force behind this notion. Google have recently announced that they will be using SSL secured websites as a preferred ranking indicator. This means that sites which are SSL protected will receive an extra boost up the list in search engine results.

green lock

In addition, later this year, users of Google’s Chrome browser will begin to receive Google search results warning of any links to non-SSL enabled websites. This means that even if your website currently ranks well in Google, if your site is not SSL enabled your search result will have a “non-secure” warning next to it, implying to any potential visitors that the site is not secure.

With Windows Website Hosting starting from only £2.99 per month with FREE SSL, is it really not worth making the move to a more secure reliable hosting company.

Unlock your Potential

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The 20th Birthday Celebrations Continue, Grab a Massive Discount on a .WEBSITE domain – Save £10

As a part of our big birthday year celebrations we are offering .WEBSITE domains at a massive discount.

Grab a .website domain name  for only £7.00 –  normally £17.100/pa – less than half price!

This is the  perfect choice for anyone who needs to get online with a short & memorable domain name that is recognized globally.

.WEBSITE is the first true generic domain to be launched in the new era of the internet. It is the perfect opportunity for individuals to find first-choice, short and memorable domain names that are truly generic with Infinite Potential.

A domain name adds credibility. Having your own domain adds professional credibility to your online presence. A generic address such as www.myisp.co.uk/mycompany  does not inspire the same level of confidence as www.mycompany.website could.  Having your own domain name shows you are available and ready to do business, or simply that you are online and serious about what you do.

The choice is yours, if you decide to register a domain name that reflects what you do, instead of your exact business name, you might draw hits from a search of that topic. For example, a sailing holiday company that registered sailing.website might get visitors looking for a holiday on the water.

If your domain name matches your company name, it reinforces your brand, making it easier for customers to remember and return. It will also be easier to win business via word of mouth because customers will remember your name and pass it along to friends and because its got the the funky .WEBSITE its easy to remember.

Lastly a domain name builds your brand. Having an online presence is possibly the most crucial element in building brand awareness and .WEBSITE  is one of the most cost effective, simplest ways to do it available.

Grab Your .WEBSITE


To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please call 0800 808 5450.


Grab a UK Domain Name for only 99 pence

Having a great business name can be the key to success and we have just made the process so much easier with our great UK Domain Name offer. It may be hard to believe but you can kick start those dreams of building your own business for only £0.99! All you need to do is add your 1 year UK domain name to your basket and use the Promo Code


at the checkout page to get your UK domain for only 99 pence!

  • Massive Savings over other registrars
  • Trusted
  • Superb 24/7 customer support to give you assistance when you need it most
  • Secure

Netcetera is perfect if you’re promoting a new business venture, launching a full e-commerce shop, blog or small business portal. Not only can we provide you with a great offer to start a business, or the next blog sensation, we can continue to provide you with everything you need to grow those ideas and dreams into a success.

Why not register your domain name today and make those dreams a reality. It’s simple and quick to secure your name on the web with our online domain checker.

We pride ourselves on a fast, secure UK domain name registration service with no compromise on features and absolutely no hidden costs on any domain names and with hosting from only £2.99/pm there’s nothing to stop you starting your blog or building your business empire today.

Register UK Domain Name

Questions? Let us help!

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Terms and Conditions

  • Add your 1 year UK domain name to your basket and use the promo code 99UK at the checkout page to get your UK domain for £0.99.
  • Offer applies to new 1 year domain names only.
  • Offer valid for the first 2,000 codes redeemed at netcetera.co.uk.
  •  Offer is limited to one code use per customer.
  • Offer expires 23:59hrs GMT 29th February 2016 OR when 2,000 offer codes are redeemed (whatever comes first).
  • 99p offer relates to the first year only of contracts for selected UK domains.
  • Offer applies to the registration of .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK only.
  • Subsequent renewals will be charged at the normal price of £4.45/pa.
  •  Offer applies to new and existing customers.
  • Prices exclude VAT at 20%.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Please note that .ME.UK domains have additional requirements and restrictions, to be purchased by individuals only.
  • Netcetera reserves the right to change or end this special offer at any time and without notice.
  • Netcetera General Terms and Conditions apply.


Netcetera Celebrates 20 Years Of Success

Over the last 20 years Netcetera has grown to become one of Europe’s leading Datacentre  services provider and 2016 will see the company celebrate 20 years of successful business, built on customer service, unrivalled technical support and competitive pricing.

Investment in new technology has enabled the business to remain at the forefront of a competitive market, and consistently maintain growth. Foundations based upon its use of technology, customer support and environmental commitment has made the company one of the most trusted and reliable Cloud providers in Europe.

With technology changing all the time, the business understands how important it is to be able to offer the best solutions on the best technology – and this is only possible through having a well trained up to date team and the ability to meet the exacting requirements of a diverse group of global clients.

After a £10 million investment the first hosting hall at The Dataport was opened in 2007, and it didn’t take long for Netcetera to attract global clients to the new facility.

Zero Carbon Hosting – Clean and Green!

Fast forward to 2013 and Netcetera signed an agreement to move onto a Green Energy Tariff. This made Netcetera one of only a few 100% green powered datacentres in  the UK.  

2015 – a year of expansion

The year began with the opening of a second hosting hall, Zone2, and later in the year the opening of a new Business Recovery Centre.  The new hosting hall has also been designed in such a way that enables the cool air to be directed exactly where it is needed meaning energy consumption is very efficient. This is another plus for businesses who consider energy usage as an important factor when choosing a hosting partner.

2016 – and the future

Looking ahead, 2016 will see Netcetera host a social media training day with Keren Lerner from Top Left Design, and host a business startup event including a Dragons Den style chance to get investment and help from Netcetera and some of the Islands best know business faces.


Netcetera would like to say a big thank you to all of our clients, some of whom have been with the company since the day we opened. Without this continued support and trust the company wouldn’t be in the strong position it finds itself in today.

Come Celebrate with us!

We have put together some great offers to celebrate our 20th birthday, all of which are aimed at helping you to grow your own successful business over the coming months. Join us as we celebrate 2016 with some great deals and special offers. Grab yourself the chance to get some great deals before anyone else hears about them, all courtesy of Netcetera.

Grab your Treat

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