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How can SEO help my business?

Search Engine Optimisation can be the missing link your business needs. Every website owner would love to be at the top of Google for the product or service that they sell.

Search engine optimisation should always give you a return on investment; calling it a wise investment is an understatement.

We have an incredible dashboard that enables you to research keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business which will allow you to see how easily you can get to the first page in Google.

How easy is it to start using SEO to benefit my company?

It’s really easy to start using SEO to your advantage and once you’re on page one in Google you will get lots of traffic hitting your website. Create a free account with us and you’ll have access to a control panel with a powerful content research tool.

You can sit back and leave all the hard work to us while you concentrate on building your business.

Screenshot (13)Effective Seo – Guaranteed: All our SEO packages come with a 45 day guarantee. We are confident of results.

Screenshot (14)Highly Profitable: Boost leads and sales with our engaging and innovative content.

028bc705700c4b20a69dd4c775ff30fbControl Panel: Our unique control panel allows you to find key phrases you can get ranked for.

f4d32458db4040ceaaf191d2c56fd626Tracking Results: Track the success of your links and hash tags with our in-depth and accurate statistics.

How does it work?

Once you access the dashboard you will find a keyword research tools which enables you to research a range of keywords that represent your company. Within a few minutes you have research that would have taken weeks of work if done by hand.Don’t have the time to look at the dashboard, not a problem. Our FREE SEO control panel makes it easy to assemble you own SEO report in just a few hours.

When the research comes back you’ll have your own report which will identify phrases that you’d love to get found in Google for. A simple traffic light system lets you know if the keyword phrase is Green (easiest), Amber (harder, but achievable) or Red (unachievable at this budget).

It is even sorted by the estimated traffic volume that the search term should generate and we can also provide you with the PPC (pay per click) cost for a comparison.

The niche finder in our SEO dashboard will help you to find hidden gems that get you lots of visitors.

How are you ranking on Google against competitors? Our FREE SEO control panel has the answer. Try it now! 

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