Netcetera Rolls Out Continuous Data Protection

Netcetera have launched their new Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Backup Solution as a option to all Dedicated and VM Server clients. The introduction of the CDP Backup Service has allowed the company to phase out traditional backup solutions, which offers less flexibility and does not enable end users to manage their own backups and perform restorations – including Bare-Metal restores. Servers can operate at full capacity without a significant performance impact during the backup process.

Users can now manage backups through a web interface, backups are created four times each day, and up to 28 previous restore points are automatically archived – allowing users to access an entire week of backups.

“Whether it’s a disaster or just accidental data loss, the ability to access such a vast assortment of restore points is vital functionality that we are excited to offer to our customers,” said Tim Cass, Netcetera’s Chief Technical Officer. “CDP allows us to take data protection to the next level, as we continue to seek value-added products and services to make Netcetera an even more attractive choice for web hosting in this competitive market.”

All existing and new customers are able to take advantage of the new backup service. Prices start at only GBP50.00 per month.

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