We’ve got a computer room with all our servers in it. Why should we use a datacentre?


A Data Centre is a facility that is exclusively dedicated to looking after computers and in turn, the data and programs that are stored on them, such as websites, emails, financial transactions or customer relationship management (CRM) applications. The computers that are usually used in a Data Centre are a specialised type of PC used by businesses called servers.


Because servers have become such an integral part of most types of business activity, it has become critical to protect them in a secure and well-maintained environment. Any company that has experienced website downtime or has been unable to send or receive e-mails for a few hours, will know how costly it is to their business, both in lost revenue and reduced productivity.

Some businesses still keep their servers in the basement of their building or tucked away in a corner of the post room. This is the equivalent of a bank keeping its cash in an unlocked shed in the car park.

Data Centres not only look after servers with special security measures such as CCTV and 24 hour security guards but also make sure they are kept in the best possible environment by ensuring they are kept at constant humidity / temperature levels and supplied with an uninterruptable power supply, so that even if there’s a mains power failure, your servers – and your business – keep on running.


In assessing whether using a Data Centre makes economic sense, you may want to ask the following questions:

  • How much would we save if we consolidated all our servers in one location?
  • How much does the space used for servers cost us?
  • How much will it cost us if we need to expand our current IT infrastructure in the future?
  • What would be the cost to the company if we lost our servers to a power-cut / theft / fire / flood?

The answer to any one of these questions may in itself provide the financial case for using a Data Centre. In addition, there is usually a compelling risk management case as well. Our Data Centre has been designed with security and redundancy of essential services in mind, which means that even if there’s a mains power-cut or a major problem with connectivity from an Internet Service Provider, we have backup systems in place to make sure your servers and IT systems remain online.


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