Exploring Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the preferred method of hosting for the modern business.  There are of course a variety of other options, such as shared hosting, which one can choose from, it all depends on the level of investment the company decides is necessary to support their online presence.  In the ideal world all businesses, regardless of their size will have the option to choose dedicated web hosting. The main advantages that dedicated web hosting has over shared hosting is that the company in question has complete control over the server, they can choose to upgrade, downgrade and manipulate the server to suit their business and online needs.

The importance of an online presence is clear to see in the modern business age, however with the sheer volume of websites currently live across the World Wide Web, the quality of the output needs to be of the highest order.  Imagine using the Internet to look for a service or product, the amount of time you spend on a site or page within that site is called ‘dwell time’.  Website designers toil endlessly to secure the longest dwell time they possibly can.  The main way to achieve this is to allow the user complete control of the site, the media that is used to sell the products and services should be set up so that the consumer can access it instantly.  Dwell time is the gold dust of web developers, and has been recorded in the past at an average of only two seconds.

This clearly indicates how important it is to the company to have an excellent website. Dedicated web hosting can really assist with this; the main reason is that the server is theirs to play with. They are not sharing the server with anyone else and as such there are no limitations.  The bandwidth is unmetered; this allows those who choose to take advantage of dedicated web hosting the opportunity to stream a variety of multimedia platforms without the worry of delays.  Instant information, a direct route from consumer to product, subtlety can be interwoven into a site, but the main purpose is shorten the amount of time it takes for the consumer to reach the product once they get onto the site.

The suppliers of dedicated web hosting servers are easily found by an online search, the menus allow the user quick access to the product description and in some cases there is a live chat function so that even the most simple of questions can be answered in real time, by a trained professional.  Choosing a dedicated web hosting supplier needs to be well thought through, compare the costs and the packages and above all work out what will be the most beneficial for your company, perhaps you can opt for the a shared server in the meantime whilst you develop your online presence, however once you look to expand and your website grows, slowly evolving into a multi-layered operation, then the need for dedicated web hosting will become more apparent.

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