Netcetera to Participate in World IPv6 Day

On the 8th of June 2011, Netcetera will join a large number of companies and organizations including Web leaders, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Bing, to provide IPv6 access to users of this new protocol.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the next generation of the Internet Protocol that is currently in various stages of deployment on the Internet. It was designed as a replacement for the current version, IPv4, which has been in use since 1982 and is in the final stages of exhausting its unallocated address space. Since every device on the Internet relies on a unique address to communicate, we must move to IPv6, which provides over 4 billion times more addresses than IPv4. IPv6 will ensure that everyone including users, ISPs, governments, and companies have direct and open access to the Internet.

Netcetera and the IPv6 dayWorld IPv6 Day is an event sponsored and organized by the Internet Society and several large content providers to test public IPv6 deployment.  The main motivation for the event is to evaluate the real world effects of the IPv6 brokenness seen by various synthetic tests. On World IPv6 Day, major web companies, including Netcetera, as well as other industry players will join together to enable IPv6 on their main websites for 24 hours.

Users of the new protocol will automatically connect to Netcetera using IPv6, during the 24-hour experiment. However, users with IPv4 will continue to connect via the current protocol, since the website is published in IPv6 and IPv4.

This test is limited to the Netcetera website at and will neither affect our Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers or Colocation clients – nor our Support Systems.

IPv6 has been in beta stage since August 2009, and is now ready for testing.  Indeed, Netcetera were actually the 60th company in the world to register for the testing.

Should you wish to test your IPv6 connection beforehand, this can be done by clicking on the link:

Netcetera is very proud to be taking part in this event, as it complements our forward thinking and positive approach to preparing for the transition to this new protocol, and whose usage will ultimately be extended worldwide.

For more information about IPv6 please visit and if you would like to get in touch with Netcetera please contact our Sales Team.

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