Netcetera Launches Loyalty Rewards Program

Netcetera are excited to announce the launch of our New Loyalty Rewards Program which provides you the opportunity to earn Cash Back when simply making new purchases with us!

Because a simple “Thank You!” is so often lost in business today, we at Netcetera feel it is a very important part of business and want to recognise our most loyal customers, by giving something back.

We strive to provide our customers with amazing experiences and we are also committed to thanking and rewarding our most loyal customers.

Receive 1 point for every pound spent (new purchases only are rewarded) at Netcetera. Reward Points can be exchanged for credit in your account after you have more than 100 free points.
100 points will give you £5 cash back!

How do I get started?
Simply login to your client area at and click the Reward Points tab.


Q. How do I accumulate Reward points?
A. By simply purchasing any product at Netcetera. Only new purchases are rewarded.

Q. How many Reward Points do I earn with each purchase?
A. You will receive 1 Reward Point for every pound you spend at Netcetera.

Q. What can I buy with my Reward Points earned?
A. You can use them as a credit to purchase any Netcetera product.

Q. Is there a minimum amount of Reward Points I need to accumulate before using them?
A. Yes, you need to earn at least 100 Reward Points.

Q. How much cash I will get back with 100 Reward Points?
A. You will get £5 cash back to your account.

Q. Do the Reward Points expire?
A. Yes positive Reward Points expire after  365 days.

Q. How do I check the balance of my Reward Points?
A. Simply by logging into your client area.

Q. What does Locked Points and Free Points mean?
A. Points are locked if the account is unpaid.

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