10 Steps to Success with Cloud Computing

If you feeling submerged by all the information which has been written about cloud computing, you are not alone. Not only is cloud computing a new concept, but also the information about it is often confusing and is weighed down with new words and ideas like virtualization, multi-tenancy, scalability etc.

Since cloud computing is a new way of doing business you have to be clear about what your requirements are. For some, the business benefits of cloud are many – for others it will be the simple fact that cloud allows a small business to stop worrying about its IT which is something that distracts from its core function of running the business.

Security and reliability of cloud services are often raised as concerns. By understanding the basics of cloud computing and knowing how to assess important factors such as security and the identification of systems that are suitable for migration, it becomes much easier to design and implement a cloud strategy.

To help with this process we will be publishing 10 easy steps over the following weeks, which will help you to understand the essential facts about the cloud and will outline the important points to consider when making your decision and to facilitate successful cloud migration.

As a taster, we will be covering the following topics:

  • Step 1 – Are your applications ready to run in the Cloud?
  • Step 2 – How important is Technical Support for Cloud success?
  • Step 3 – Do you have Ownership and Access to your data in the Cloud?
  • Step 4 – Understanding what fluctuating data volumes means to you.
  • Step 5 – Is any part of the Cloud infrastructure outsourced or subcontracted?
  • Step 6 – Helping you to understand your Compliance queries in the Cloud.
  • Step 7 – Why is Cost analysis of the Cloud so important?
  • Step 8 – Have you prepared a Migration Strategy?
  • Step 9 – The importance of Considering Downtime and How to Deal with it.
  • Step 10 – The importance of Data Migration.

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