Cloud Step 1: Are your Applications Ready to run in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is a new way of doing business and, as with anything new, you need to be clear about what you are letting yourself in for. For some, the business benefits of the cloud are many, but for others it may be simply that it allows small businesses to stop worrying about its IT which is something that distracts from its core function of running the business.

Cloud computing is different from conventional outsourcing in that it is not stand alone computing.  Cloud computing separates your data from your IT infrastructure, so your data is replicated ‘in the cloud’, which could be anywhere in a multitude of ‘virtual’ servers. These differences are what give rise to a new set of issues that could have an effect on your risk management practices.

A good place if considering the Cloud, is to start with establishing if your applications ready to run in the Cloud.  Are the applications which you use already web-based? Will they benefit from a Cloud-based structure? Can it scale your present application up in the Cloud? Migrating your old ‘legacy applications’ to a cloud-based infrastructure may not bring the correct benefits to you. An assessment to determine an application’s readiness for the Cloud needs to be carried out. This means evaluating, via a potential supplier, the readiness of all your key applications. This will provide clear recommendations on your options.

Netcetera offers, via the Managed Windows Cloud Server, all the ease and simplicity of Shared Hosting, but with the scalability and resilience of the Cloud.  For only £40.98/pm including the Essential Management Pack, FREE Site Migration, FREE Setup and a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee, this provides you with an agile infrastructure which allows you to focus on your core business.

See the difference that the Cloud can make to your business.

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