Support for Node.js on Shared Hosting Platform

We are delighted to announce support for Node.js on our Shared hosting platform.

Node.js – or just Node as it’s commonly called – is a server-side javaScript implementation that enables developers to write client side as well as server side code in JavaScript.

To ease the development of complex JavaScript further, Node.js supports the CommonJS standard that allows for modularized development and the distribution of software in packages via the Node Package Manager.

Applications that can be written using Node.js include, but are not limited to Static file servers, Web Application frameworks, Messaging middle ware and Servers for HTML5 multi player games.

“We offered node.js support in our recent WebMatrix 2.0 beta labs sandbox and have received requests for making node.js generally available in our web hosting service,” said David Scalzo, Account Manager at Netcetera. “In keeping with our mission to empower developers, we are happy to announce node.js support in our Windows hosting environment.”

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