How to Backup Your Website Using Netcetera’s Control Panel

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to schedule automatic backups of your website from your Control Panel. Sign into your Control Panel and follow these steps:

1) Sign in at:






2) Click Scheduled Tasks





3) Click Add Scheduled Task



4) In the Task Name box, enter a task name for the backup





5) In the Task Type drop down bar, select Zip Space Files





6) In the Space Folder box, specify the folder that you would like backed up. For example:  YourDomain.comwwwroot





7) Select if you want your backups to run DailyWeeklyMonthlyOnce, or in Intervals from the drop down bar. Then, depending on your selection, fill out information to schedule your backup.





8 ) Click Save





Your website backup has now been scheduled!




Every time a backup is taken, the zip file will be placed in the c:hostingspacesYourAccountName folder of your file directory

After the backup is taken, remember to download the zip files and remove the old zip files. This now concludes how to backup your website using Control Panel

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