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Millions of people are now using the mobile web to connect with businesses online. Mobile Website Builder from Netcetera allows you to connect with potential customers faster and increase revenue.

Mobile Devices are being sold more than desktop computers. The mobile web is already here, don’t miss out on this huge opportunity for your website and your business.

Most full websites simply don’t work properly on a mobile device. They are very slow to load and pages are too big to view. This can be frustrating for visitors to your site.

Mobile Website Builder is quick and easy to set up. The setup wizard provides a quick and intuitive interface for website owners to customize their Mobile Website and it is ideal for first time users who are guided quickly and easily through the process. It also offers a rich set of capabilities for more advanced or experienced users that can be accessed as needed.

The adavantages of the Mobile Website Builder are that  no programming is required and it is easy to navigate. It is available anywhere and anytime and includes multiple design options and automatic device detection.

Some of the One Click features are:

  • About us – one click and customers know about you
  • Call us – one click for your customers to call you
  • Find us – Google map and directions
  • Opening hours – tell customers when you are open for business
  • Social Networking – let your customers connect via Twitter, Youtube & Facebook

With Netcetera’s Mobile Website Builder you can build your own mobile website for as little as £4.99/pm.

Make a great first impression with a fast and high-performing mobile site which could increase traffic and grow your business.

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