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Netcetera are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with the folks at Moz to offer our customers Moz Pro Free for 60 days!

Moz Analytics online marketing software gives you all of your website’s inbound marketing data in one place. With beautiful data visualisations over time, custom reporting, and actionable recommendations, you can focus on what you need to help grow a successful business online.

Moz can drive very meaningful traffic to your website, it is like a GPS, it calculates where you are in relation to where you want to be, and it helps you get there. Take a wrong turn, and it pipes up. Get on the right road again, and it lets you know that too.

Being knowledgeable about where your site stands in the rankings and how to improve is like having a golden key for your business. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are no better-trusted services in the game than Moz

In addition to the great educational information available from SEOmoz, one of the greatest benefits to a PRO membership is access to great tools.

We’ll go over a few of the most important tools and resources briefly and then give you a little look into a few of those tools as well.

Link Research & Analysis

Keep an eye on your competition’s links. Inspect anchor text. Spot link opportunities. Get social activity data. And more.

Twitter Analytics

Study your followers and dissect data. Find top influencers. Connect with people in your niche. We recently used this to determine when our audience was tweeting the most, giving us a better time frame for releasing posts so we get more shares. We also use this to discover our most influential followers. Knowing this information is valuable for building powerful relationships.

Rank Tracking

Monitor your site’s position in the major search engines.

On-Page Optimization

Get grades on your pages’ SEO on-page effectiveness.

SEO Web Crawler

Make sure your site is optimized and accessible to search engines. Get information on problems that could be holding your site down.

Lab Tools

Somewhat like Google Labs, this section offers exciting new tools to take out for a test drive. Current lab tools include the Competitive Link Research Tool for finding where your competition is getting link juice but you aren’t. And next there’s the Link Acquisition Assistant – a tool to help you find brand new link opportunities.

Other Tools

In addition to the tools above, there are also two more older tools that are no longer supported; however, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their value: 1. Historical Pagerank Checker for finding a page’s Pagerank – both past and present, and 2. Top 500 – a list of top 500 domains and pages according to SEOmoz.

Training Webinars

Twice a month training webinars not only give you an SEO education, they let you interact with professional SEOs.

Q&A Forum

Ask questions and engage with others who are serious about SEO. No off-the-wall high-schoolers shooting their mouth off about SEO here (unlike other places you may find on the web).

Comprehensive Q&A Database

Get access to an enormous database of SEO knowledge.

Fresh Web Explorer

The tool in Moz’s arsenal that we found to be one of the most useful is their Fresh Web Explorer. Type in any term and it will show you mentions of that term across the web. For example, type in your business name, then type in a competitor’s name, and you can see a comparison of web mentions, and exactly which websites are mentioning both. This can be extremely helpful to see where your competitor may have the edge on you and how you can infiltrate that space.

Open Site Explorer

If you’ve ever wanted to analyze links to your website or your competitors site, then give the open site explorer a try. With open site explorer you can investigate your backlinks, anchor text, and even compare a whole slew of link metrics against your competition. This really helped us to identify where we stand next to our competitors and what we can do to improve our overall linking strategy. Namely, we can leverage it to develop press in similar places to where our competitors are appearing.

Keyword & Ranking Tools

Ready to take the data you’ve gathered and use it to grow your business with SEO? Moz has a handful of useful tools for tweaking your content.

Rank Tracker

Curious as to where you are in the search engines for certain keywords? Type in your URL as well as the keyword and the rank tracker will show you where you sit in the rankings.

On-Page Grader

Optimizing your pages around the keywords you want to target is extremely important for SEO. Using the On-Page Grader, just enter your keyword with a URL and it will measure how well your page is optimized for that particular keyword. The best part is that it will also provide recommendations on how to further optimize the page.

Keyword Difficulty

Before considering ranking for a particular keyword, you’ll want to see how hard it is going to be to make a dent in the rankings. With the keyword difficulty tool you can type in a keyword and it will give you an in-depth analysis on how difficult it is to rank for that particular keyword. The Keyword Difficulty tool even provides a SERP report showing you the top ten results for your keyword, showing you who is already ranking for it and how high of an authority they may be. This is helpful for figuring out whether you can break into the top 10.

With Moz Pro, you get access to all the great tools mentioned above, plus the stuff we haven’t personally had a chance to dive into quite yet. If you don’t find value from Moz within the first 60 days, you can easily cancel at anytime. If you’re like us and had been handling your SEO manually before, I suspect you’ll get hooked once you see how powerful and time-saving Moz’s tools are.

Not only does Moz provide an amazing diagnostic system to point out errors with your website, but they also provide a competitive link analysis tool that lets you compare your site to your competition. You get an in-depth look at each and every one of your competitors, how they stack up against you, where their links are coming from, and much more. If you’ve ever wondered, “how can we beat these guys?” Moz’s tools are the first step in the right direction.

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