How to Configure the Netcetera CDN Service

There are several ways to configure and manage your Netcetera CDN
service.  Advanced users can setup all sorts of custom configurations,
choose which folders to fetch, utilize custom DNS zones (ie

This guide is for the average user who simply wishes to utilize the
CDN as easily as possible and make the process as seamless as possible
in order to serve static/streaming content from their website across our
CDN network

1) sign up for a Netcetera CDN account here

2) manage the service in your Netcetera Account

3) Add a new CDN resource

4) Enter in the following

(To set up ALL traffic to to utilize Netcetera CDN)

CDN Hostname = (please use www)

Origin = IP Address of your website (shared or dedicated)

Edge Groups – Select the Continets you wish to serve content from

5) once the resource is created, create the custom cname record for
your record as per below (ensure you remove any existing DNS record)

6) add a redirect or .htaccess file to your site so that all traffic
to your domain is forced over (ie any requests for will be redirected to

7) that’s it, you’re all set – you can log into your Netcetera Account, Netcetera CDN Service, check your usage hourly as it updates.

After giving some time for everything to resolve, you can test if the CDN is enabled with a simple ping test ping – note the IP address (should be your websites IP address). Ping – note the IP address (will be the IP address of the CDN POP closest to the location you are pinging from)

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