IOVOX Makes Intelligent Call Analytics Available To SMB’s

Want more from your marketing?

Businesses of all sizes and budgets spend money on advertising, but they often don’t know whether that money is being spent wisely as they cannot easily track which ads are driving calls and which are not. Businesses also have very little insight of the effectiveness of  handling incoming calls as their telecom provider only tells them about the calls they make.

Are Your Business Decisions Driven By Data?

IOVOX brings intelligent call analytics to small businesses and helps you understand where calls come from, who is making them and when your busiest times are.

By gaining visibility of your business inbound call activity, you ensure never to miss an important phone call again, easily identify leads and know where to focus your advertising spend for the greatest results.

IOVOX provides an easy use call tracking and analytics solution for SMB’s, allowing them to understand in real-time the effectiveness of their advertising and the efficiency of their call handling.

How Does The Product Solve The Problem?

IOVOX provides local telephone numbers (where available) and an easy to use dashboard showing where calls are coming from, when they are being made and whether they are being answered. By placing call tracking numbers on their advertising, businesses will be able to see which ads are performing well and which are not. Analytics will also tell a business whether it is missing important calls and missing out on business.

By using our local phone numbers and included functionalities, you will :

  • Understand where customer calls come from (e.g. websites, leaflets, print, local adverts, etc.)
  • Have a visibility on the business call activity (call volumes, % of missed calls, unique callers, etc.)
  • Improve call handling by adjusting staff management based on call activity
  • Optimise marketing efforts and cut underperforming promotional spend
  • Support your business expansion to new regions by looking local

We’re now giving you the opportunity to see just how effective IOVOX can be for your business.

What do you get?

  •  1 month FREE trial
  •  Up to 10 IOVOX Numbers (local UK phone numbers) to add to your call mix
  •  Real time visibility on your calling activity and marketing performance in a simple dashboard
  •  Weekly email report straight to your inbox
  • Fail-safe call routing ensuring you don’t miss customer enquiries Missed a call? We alert you by email for instant call back
  • Option to record your calls for training, conflict resolution, regulation conformity purposes
  •  Get context on business calls before answering them with call “whispers”

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