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London suffered another emergency situation on the 26th July 2016 which resulted in hundreds of office workers being evacuated as emergency services closed several areas around the London Wall. The emergency was caused by a huge gas leak which has caused the police to cordon off a large area and has resulted in many office premises to be closed down for the day. A spokesman stated that the road would have to be dug up to allow for the gas to be removed and that the area could be cordoned off for a long period of time.

This isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred and yet many businesses within the City still do not have a Disaster Plan in place.

Yesterday’s incident showed how important it is to have a planB in place. The cost of downtime is huge and with many businesses within the City operating on a global basis even the smallest amount of downtime can be catastrophic. It’s no longer a matter of, if, rather than when, will an event take place that could risk the functionality of your business?

Here at Netcetera we specialise in providing enterprise class disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for businesses big and small.

From within our modern zero carbon datacentre we can ensure that an emergency doesn’t have to become a disaster.

Our IT Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are second to none. With several options available built around your own requirements. We offer some of the most aggressive robust solutions available on the market.

From continuous data backup for cloud and dedicated servers  along with daily backups and cloud storage options and our modern onsite business recovery centre, we have your business covered to survive any incident.

So if yesterday’s incident has made you think about what you have in place, there’s never been a better time to get in touch to see how we can protect your business from disaster with planB or one of our many other leading IT recovery solutions.

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