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Now’s the time to give your website better Hosting

You might think that you’ve already got great hosting for your website, so why should you even consider switching to another provider?

Well in all honesty our clients are just like you, they demand excellent value for money which isn’t compromised. Uptime is paramount to our clients and that’s why we guarantee 99.9% uptime. Don’t just take our word for it check out what Webperf and Netcraft have to say about us. We’ve been ranked as the fastest most reliable hosting provider for the first 6 months of 2016.

We’ve also been operating for over 20 years and during this time we’ve provided hosting for thousands of businesses just like yours, leading the way in providing cost effective zero carbon hosting solutions. Over the last 20 years we’ve built up trust based on unrivalled support, security and reliability that our competitors can only dream about matching.

We listen – you want your own Cloud at a price you can afford

Over the last few months we’ve listened to what are clients want. Individuals just like you who have been looking for a hosting service specifically for their WordPress websites. Shared Hosting has it’s advantages but imagine the cost benefits of being on a shared server, matched with the benefits of having a fully managed Cloud with all the resources purely being for your website.

This is what our great new service provides – your very own Cloud Server, fully managed delivered at a great price with bags of features. We’re now pleased to launch this new service at a price that makes a managed solution truly affordable for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

What’s stopping you?

We know there’s always the thought that there’s so much hassle to move from one hosting provider to another. There’s the worry about downtime, losing data, then the worry that after you’ve made the move that the price will shoot up.

We promise 100% that won’t happen. We’ve made it so easy to switch to better hosting. If you’re reasonably techy you could do it yourself – we have loads of online tutorials and knowledge base articles you can follow and if it still sounds scary we can do it for you with our new Concierge Service. We do the hassle leaving you to concentrate on your business!

Every plan includes the following as standard.

  • Your own high-spec VPS
  • Plesk 12.5 Included
  • SSL Included
  • Automatic Core & Plugin Updates
  • Lightning Fast Page Load Speed
  • 24/7/365 Award Winning Support
  • DDoS protected
  • 99.9% Network Guarantee
  • Website Monitoring
  • Server Anti-Virus Software

We have a managed WordPress hosting package to suit all budgets and all purposes, from personal sites for blogging, startup and small businesses right through to managed solutions for medium and large businesses requiring multiple sites to be managed. With prices starting from only £60.00 p/m there’s no time like the present to start hosting without the hassle.

Get started today – you’ll be glad you did!

Discover Easy WordPress Hosting

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The Great Summer Domain Name Sale – Save up to 98%

Over the last 20 years we have helped thousands of clients take advantage of some amazing technology offers which have helped them establish successful businesses. We’ve helped people like you turn ideas and dreams into reality.

We’ve now got another fantastic offer to share with you during our 20th year birthday celebrations and with savings of over 98% on some of the best Domain Names available you’ll think we’re giving them away. There’s no catch and no hassle as we’ve kept it quick and simple to be able to snap them up before these one off special offers expire.

Save over 98% on .XYZ – ideal for users who are looking for an affordable and recognizable TLD, without sacrificing flexibility. Use .XYZ to connect individuals and businesses of all sizes worldwide through the Generation XYZ community.

We’ve also got huge reductions on many more, just take a look at some of the great offers below with savings of up to 98%. 

Normal Price SALE Price
.XYZ £9.99 £0.15
.help £20.99 £4.99
.in £19.95 £10.00
.me £15.99 £6.99
.rocks £9.00 £4.50
.social £28.99 £23.00
.live £21.99 £9.99
.pro £15.00 £6.00
.black £39.99 £10.00
.blue £16.99 £12.99
.pink £16.99 £13.00
.shikshar £13.00 £3.99
.link £12.99 £3.99
.click £11.99 £3.99
.club £15.00 £3.00
.online £34.99 £7.99
.website £7.00 £3.00
.site £20.00 £8.00
.tech £40.00 £9.00
.space £12.00 £2.00
.store £54.99 £14.99
.global £65.00 £15.00
.biz £9.95 £4.99

Prices this good don’t stick around for long, so if you’ve got a great business idea, want to start a blog or simply change your Domain and save money, you know what you have to do. Why not add a website package at the same time and make your name really awesome with super fast reliable hosting from Netcetera.

Grab a Domain NOW

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Faster More Reliable Hosting As Standard From The UK’s #1

We are very proud to announce that Netcetera is ranked at the number 1 spot again for the sixth month in a row by Webperf, the Monitoring Service Company. It might be hard to believe that in such a competitive industry that one company can dominate the performance ratings for reliability and speed but that’s exactly what we have achieved in 2016 so far. This is another great achievement as we continue to celebrate 20 years of business and we’re very proud to come out at number 1.

Webperf’s ranking is measured against the UK’s top ISP’s over 70 service providers in total and are published every month. Having such reliable independent monitoring also makes it easier for clients to make an informed choice prior to signing up for a hosting package. the monitoring service

Webperf calculates the transferring rate against time. Since October 1998 Webperf has been the UK’s only independent ISP performance benchmark. Testing any willing ISP’s for performance and reliability 24/7.

Faster hosting comes as standard with Netcetera. So if you want Carbon Zero super fast hosting, excellent technical support at unbeatable prices there’s only one place you need to go.

Find Out About Netcetera

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Hassle Free Website Migration To Better Hosting

Website migration is easy with Netcetera

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to move your website as easily as you can move your mobile contract provider? Well now you no longer need to feel trapped into staying with a bad service provider. We hear stories all the time from clients who have had to put up with bad customer service and terrible reliability and slow speeds, it happens on a regular basis within our industry.

When you move your website from one hosting provider to another you need perform a number of steps. Transfer the domain. Move all of your files across from the old hosting provider to us. Move any associated databases across to our systems. Update your configuration files and settings and test things out so that the new system matches the old system perfectly. With our migration service we handle all of this for you so you can get on with the task of running your business.

We do everything for you, no hassle, no lost data and no headaches

Why put up with bad service? Let us take the strain and set you up on a hosting package that’s delivered by the UK’s #1 for speed of hosting and reliability and once you’ve made the move we’ll treat you like a VIP with our Concierge Total Cover Service, providing ongoing monitoring, backups and reports.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today to start the move to hassle free reliable hosting with awesome support.

Hassle Free Website Migration


sarahIf you would like to become one of our satisfied clients, and find out what Netcetera could offer your business then why not give Belinda a call today on 0800 808 5450 and find out how we can make your move to better hosting as smooth as silk.


Business Support Packages To Launch Your Enterprise

As Netcetera celebrates 20 years of successful business we thought we would throw our support behind a great new initiative to help startup businesses prosper.

The Netcetera JumpStart programme is targeted at helping new businesses create the next BIG thing – be it in FinTech, Cloud, Internet, Mobile, Games development, eCommerce. Regardless of how big or small your idea is, we’re here to help you bring it to life. We will provide your Startup with a great workspace at our Datacentre as well as FREE tools, top-quality mentorship, and training workshops designed to successfully take your business to the next level.

We know in the current economic climate how important it is to get as much support as you possibly can before turning an idea into a viable business proposition. This is why we’ve put together some exciting new products and services that have been designed to assist new businesses make the most of their IT and internet presence.

From cost effective hosting for websites right the way through to a fully managed suite of racks, we have the ideal solution to make your business work for you. We can also provide you with all of the marketing tools you need to make the most of your website and social media platforms and if you need a modern office to work from, we can also address that too.

We also understand that finances don’t always flow as expected for startup businesses and that’s why our product pricing is very clear, competitive and available on a choice of billing cycles enabling you to manage your cashflow.

Managing IT isn’t easy either. It can be very time consuming and costly and it’s not something that everyone can do. Technology shouldn’t put you off starting down the road to success. We’ve made IT management easy for new businesses with fully managed and monitored hosting packages built around your own technical abilities.

So if you’ve got a great business idea, regardless of what it is, we’re here to help you make it a success. Register your interest today and we’ll send you some details or arrange a call to discuss what we can provide to make your business dreams become a reality.

Awesome Startup Packages

If you would like to become one of our satisfied clients and find out what Netcetera could offer your business why not give us a call or if you’re passing by, why not book a tour of one of the most modern energy efficient datacentres any where in the UK.


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Netcetera at the #1 spot for Performance and Reliability

What a great start to our 20th year in business celebrations. Not only have we been shortlisted within the Datacentre category for this year’s EGR awards but we are also at the #1 spot again, that makes it 5 months in a row for 2016 with Webperf, providing excellent reliability and super fast hosting to clients not just in the UK but right across the globe.

Webperf has been the UK’s only independent performance benchmark since 1998, undertaking testing on any willing ISP provider for reliability and performance. the monitoring service

Unlike some ISP’s, Netcetera is open to independent auditing, it is something that we are very proud of, as it allows our existing and potential clients the opportunity to make informed choices when it comes to meeting their hosting requirements. Not only are we a super fast reliable ISP but we are also super energy efficient and green.

With an ever increasing amount of businesses now looking at ways to improve their online image we feel there is no better place to start than with reliable fast hosting that doesn’t harm the planet.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself right now with one of our FREE hosting trials. We’re sure you’ll love being with the UK’s #1 for performance and reliability.

Start Your Free Trial


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7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Do I get what I pay for?

So as we come to the end of what we hope has been an informative story, we come to what might be the most important element.

Part 8: The Cost

Following on from the Introduction and previous blog posts including last weeks insight into Tools and applications . It’s now time to turn our attention to the price you pay.

Last but not least, pricing is an important factor when choosing a web host. With so many providers out there we know it can be a difficult choice to make, especially when you have to consider all the different variables that go into pricing an individual plan. The general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for.

If a company is charging a very small monthly fee, they have no choice but to skimp in other areas, perhaps in some of the ways we have highlighted in these blogs.

Another area to be on the lookout for is renewal pricing. Many hosts will offer a significantly discounted price for the first year in order to “get you hooked,” but when renewal time comes, your bill can be up to three times the cost of your first year! Make sure to read what you are buying and what the future pricing is likely to be.

At Netcetera we have simple pricing, no hidden costs or small print and to help you get started we allow you to pay monthly. There is no renewal pricing, what you see is what you get. Our plans start at only £2.99 per month and regardless of which solution you require, each one comes with fantastic reliability, security and awesome support without sacrificing on quality.

Make the right choice for you

As you can see, there are many factors that come into play when choosing a web host. These general factors should help you find the right one, even if it’s not with Netcetera we would still hope you’ll see the tremendous value we provide. If at any time you have to question if Netcetera is right for you, simply head to our website and start up a live chat. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. If you’re ready to get started here are our most popular plans:

Explore Netcetera Hosting

Whatever you’re looking for, Pick The Best Host For You!

And do it today!!


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Netcetera Takes 2nd Spot For Most Reliable Hosting Companies On The Planet

In a very close second place, Netcetera also responded to every Netcraft request, but with a slightly longer average connection time. Netcetera owns and operates a carbon neutral data centre on the Isle of Man, and recently celebrated its 20th birthday, having been in the hosting business since 1996.

Netcetera has done it again in March.  We are still right up at the top of the list, a remarkable achievement for a business that has been operating for over 20 years. The results over the last few months clearly show that Netcetera is a company that still continues to provide some of the most reliable hosting on the planet.  Not just fast reliable hosting but hosting that doesn’t destroy the environment.

Most reliable hosting company sites in March 2016

HappyMother's Day (6)

Netcraft has now been monitoring Netcetera for over 11 years and we’re pleased to say that during that 11 year period we have maintained an uptime record of 99.96 %. Staggering when you consider that this is over a decade of Internet Service Provision to a client base in over 75 countries around the world.

Not all ISP’s are as open about independent monitoring as we are.Not only are we happy to be monitored by Netcraft but we have also opened our doors to Webperf too.

Don’t just take our word for how fast and reliable our hosting is, take a test drive now with one of our birthday promo deals to celebrate 20 years in business.

Try one of our Zero Carbon Hosting Packages with a FREE 7 day trial. After that, it’s up to you, but we’re quite confident that once you’ve experienced what Netcetera can do for your business you’ll never want to host anywhere else.



To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please call 0800 808 5450.

7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Tools and Applications

Part 7: How easy it is it to create your website?

Following on from the Introduction, Longevity and HistorySupportHardware thoughts on Network and the insight into backups we covered last week. It’s now time to turn our attention to the software and systems that are available to allow your creativity to flow and make your dream site a reality.

Just like when you are choosing a new mobile phone or desktop, there are different platforms your web host can use to help you manage your website. Like iOS for iPhones, and Android on other phones, all of the control panels help you do things like adding account users, email addresses, FTP accounts, databases just like you do when setting up a new phone.

So why does this matter? There are many free, unsupported control panels out there, and some are easier to use than others. Play around with your proposed web host. Try out their control panel. See how it works and what questions you have.

At Netcetera you can access 1000’s of one click installations to give you the applications and tools you need to make building your new website as easy as possible with stunning results. 

The one-click installations include WordPress, Drupal, or Magento in literally less than a few seconds and most of them are free.

As you know we are offering a free trial of our hosting service, if you haven’t signed up yet and want to discover what truly service is like, now is the perfect time!

7 Day Free Trial

Hosting Highlight: Don’t just take our word for it

We’re so confident that you’ll love what we can offer,  that we’re prepared to give you a 7 day free trial so you can see for yourself just how good it is.

You can do a lot in 7 days on one of our shared hosting packages so why not start your risk free trial today and start building your presence on the web with hosting from Netcetera.
As an added incentive our hosting is 100% Green


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The Businesses Behind Our Business

As Netcetera celebrates 20 years of successful business we thought we would share some of the great success stories behind some of the clients we have helped over the years.

We gave Lawrence from the team at Futurestore the 60 second interview. To get his thoughts on being a Netcetera client and setting out in business.


Steve: How long have you been in business for?

Lawrence: We have been designing and building websites for 18 years

Steve: What is your main business, what do you do, who are your customers?

Lawrence: We spend our time almost entirely devoted to building ecommerce websites. All the sites we build are based on our own software and this makes it quick and easy to respond to customers’ needs for flexibility in website functionality. Our customers are typically SME’s – from businesses of one owner/manager to larger enterprises with hundreds of staff.

Steve: Why choose Netcetera?

Lawrence: We stay with Netcetera as they are able to still offer an excellent personal service to businesses like ourselves.

Steve: Any funny stories or challenging situations from your business?

Lawrence: We once had a call on a Monday from a person who had just been let down by their website designers and who, because of advertising that was due to hit the streets, needed a fully working ecommerce website designed and built by the following Monday. We did it….just!

Steve: What would you say to someone about to set up their own business, words of wisdom ?

Lawrence: If you can genuinely leave your client happy at the end of a job (and get paid!), then there’s little else you need to worry about.

Steve: How important is having reliable hosting for your business?

Lawrence:  This is paramount, especially so with ecommerce websites.

About Futurestore; Started in 1998 we have designed and built over 700 websites. In 2000 we developed our own content managed ecommerce software which is now the core of all the online stores that we develop. Whether you’re a one person business starting out in ecommerce retail or a larger business with warehouse distribution we have the experience to help create a successful online strategy.

If you would like to find out more about Futurestore and how the services they offer could help your business reach the next level call the team on: 01209 821117

If you would like to become one of our satisfied clients and find out what Netcetera could offer your business  take up our 7 Day free trial offer now and take make your business a success with Netcetera.


If you have a story to share about your business and would like to take part in our 60 second interview please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please call 0800 808 5450 or Chat Live with one of the team