7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Equipment

Part 4: Quality Server Hardware = Uptime

Following on from the introduction, longevity and history  and last weeks thoughts on Support, a good Managed Hosting Provider will be using the latest most efficient equipment available so you can enjoy the best server uptime possible.

The type of servers your web host uses makes a difference!

Many budget hosts use older hardware and technology to keep costs as low as possible. Others lease servers from a datacentre provider, so if something goes wrong they will be the middleman between you and a quick fix. Their relationship and how they are managed is a problem you don’t want to ever have.

Quality hardware matters too. While a web host could be using a desktop that was on sale for £299.99 at a well known out of town superstore and set it up to act as a web server, a true web host buys and uses ONLY enterprise level equipment. This is the expensive stuff that’s built and designed to be running 24/7 with redundancy built in in terms of Power Supply and Hard Disks.

So you should find out what kind of servers they use? Are they offering shared Cloud Hosting or dedicated Cloud Hosting? Do they allow flexible cloud resizing if your business expands.

Here at Netcetera, we only buy and use enterprise rated hardware. We also only use SSD’s, and are one of the leaders in the industry to do so and not charge extra for it. SSD’s are SUPER FAST (about 15X) compared to traditional hard drives that most traditional web hosts use. They are more expensive, but because of the increase in reliability and significant increases in speed, we know it’s worth it. This type of Equipment has the added bonus that it’s kinder to the environment helping to make Netcetera a Greener host too.


Hosting Highlight: Cloudlets

Our ‘SSD Cloudlets’ are a natural progression from shared hosting you can choose a server and memory size and pay for what you use.   Prices start from just £5pm  and we have a great range of options, these plans are perfect for the control freak residing in most of us.


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