Why Host in a Datacentre?

There are several reasons why hosting in a datacentre facility can benefit your company.

Maintenance Costs – Keeping an in-house comms room going can see your utility costs go through the roof. You need a constant power source, fire prevention, climate control etc. The list goes on. When you outsource, all this is taken care of for you.

Utilising Expertise – Outsourcing to Netcetera can free up your IT staff to deal with other issues rather than those relating to infrastructure. Netcetera’s engineers are skilled and trained in the network and server environments of the most widely used database hosting platforms.We can offer a complete service from design and implementation to management of your infrastructure. Our experts can can also help you find a disaster recovery plan that works for your business..

Physical Security – Datacentres have a wide range of security measures in place to protect your equipment. Netcetera reinforces datacentre security to keep your equipment ultra safe. We have secure perimeter fencing, CCTV and access control throughout our Datacentres.

Access to Multiple Carriers – Our datacentres  allow you access to multiple carriers, ensuring that your network reliability is enhanced.

All in all, hosting in datacentres gives you the resilience, security and continuity impossible to finance when hosting in-house.

Call our Sales Team today – 0800 061 2801 – to find out how hosting in a datacentre could work for your business or click here for a no-obligation quote.

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