When should I consider upgrading to a Dedicated Server?

A slow web site will be having a negative effect on your business. With the increase of download speeds on home computers users will not want to wait to load your site – they will simply look elsewhere. The average user will leave your site after waiting 8-10 seconds for a page to load – and most of them will never return.

Therefore, in order to enhance your business opportunities it is crucial that you have a fast, high performance website. The most effective way of ensuring you have a high speed website is by switching from a shared to a dedicated server. The primary reason for this is that if your site is hosted by a shared server you are in effect operating as a member of a group. If for any reason another client on your server has an increase in web traffic or increases the size of their web site there is a pretty good chance that your speed and performance will be affected.

By choosing the option of having your own fast dedicated server you are given exclusive access to all of the resources on the server allowing you to customize your plan. You are not required to share the space, memory or bandwidth for your site which enables optimization ultimately increasing your processor speed.

In terms of scalability, fast dedicated servers offer greater options. If your website is experiencing an increase in visitor numbers and as a result is becoming slower than desired you can simply add more RAM if required, or even add a load balancer to your server to split the load across two dedicated servers, or more.

Another benefit of a dedicated server is the availability of your own unique IP address. Added to these benefits is the fact that a dedicated server offers heightened security as no one else will be able to access the server other than you, this makes the risk of viruses extremely minimal.

If you have a high amount of traffic hitting your web site, are involved in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) projects, or simply want the best possible support service for your web site, a switch to a dedicated server is the fastest move you should be making.

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