Cloud Step 4: Understanding what Fluctuating Data Volumes means to you

We have established that cloud computing is a new way of doing business and of course it is important to understand what you are letting yourself in for. It differs from conventional outsourcing since it separates your data from your IT infrastructure, so your data is replicated ‘in the cloud’, which could be anywhere in a multitude of ‘virtual’ servers.

The Cloud is excellent for flexible computing, where extra resources such as additional power or sudden increases in additional storage are needed, perhaps as a result of extra project work. However, as your storage capability grows, so does the concern of moving it. Migrating 1GB of data across a wide-area network is relatively simple, but how about 1TB? That migration could take a long time, and if you also need to work with that data in real-time, you will have to plan for a degree of downtime while the data is pulled from the Cloud and reinstalled against a replacement application or function.

Netcetera Windows Managed Cloud Server offers all the ease and simplicity of shared hosting with the scalability and resilience of Cloud Hosting. With Netcetera’s Cloud services you will be able to focus on your business rather than your IT infrastructure.

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