Cloud Step 5: Is any part of the Cloud infrastructure Outsourced or Subcontracted?

Cloud computing can often involve chains of sub-processors or sub-contractors. If you work across Europe, it would be wise to look into this. In some parts of Europe, data protection law requires the controller to independently authorise all subcontracts and to enter into direct contracts with all processors. In most member states, it is left to data controllers or vendors to determine what amounts to appropriate technical and organisational measures. In some countries however, for example, Spain, Italy and Poland, if you wish to put data into the cloud, then, they will need the cloud computing service provider to confirm that its security arrangements meet the particular laws in these countries.

Usually, if a cloud service provider subcontracts any parts of their services, it will be invisible to the customer. This could raise issues and potential disputes not uncommon in these arrangements. These concerns include contracting and auditing requirements and questions of the distribution of payment if all goes well – and of liability if it does not. For instance, a problem may arise if two cloud computing subcontractors provide micro-services that are of good quality in themselves but do not integrate properly.  In addition to this, there is the possibility that data, which may be commercially valuable, flows from the customer to the vendor to the subcontractor. In the case of bankruptcy, can the subcontractors hold onto the customer data as an asset? Can they threaten to publish sensitive data if they are not paid for their services?  It is also not clear what rights a purchaser of the bankrupt vendor might have to the data.

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