Cloud Step 8: Have you Prepared a Migration Strategy?

There has been an increased amount of recent research which indicates that many organizations will move to the cloud in the short term. Defining a migration strategy involves understanding the various options which are available, establishing business priorities, and also creating a strategy that offers a fine balance between costs and meeting business priorities. Fundamentally, enterprises have the two following options with a cloud infrastructure – private or public. The choice is driven by priorities such as business model, market strategy and constrained by factors such as technical feasibility, security, migration costs, and future spending.

By considering these factors, you can consider the cost reductions upon migrating applications to a cloud platform, the security applications which are available and understanding how their full potential can be realised, as well as discovering what future hardware and software acquisitions can be migrated into the cloud platform.

A lot can happen in five years, and this is especially true for the cloud industry. With this in mind, it is highly likely that things will be significantly different five years from now. To stay ahead of the pack, consider your migration options sooner rather than later.

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