Save Up To 50% On Your Next IT Project

If you’ve got an Isle of Man based business we can help you access financial support for your next IT project.

How would you like to save up to 50% on your next IT project? Or maybe you’ve never thought about how technology could help your business develop? Whether you’ve got an established business or a new start-up, Netcetera can help you take advantage of technology.

We are registered consultants for the Isle Of Man Government’s Business Support Scheme and we can assist you to take advantage of the financial support available, for Isle Of Man based businesses.

We’re here to help you get the best technology, the best support and the most reliable hosting available.

With funding available for a variety of projects, from the online marketing of your business, a new website, a cloud-based IT platform or perhaps a reliable backup system to ensure your business can survive in the event of a disaster remaining compliant with data protection legislation.

We can help you review what you have and what you will need to achieve your goals.

With over 20 years of experience within the IT and datacentre solutions industry, our friendly team of experts are on hand to help you grow your business.

Get in touch today and we’ll help you save money and make your business a success.

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FREE iPhone 7 on all Business Accounts

Think of all the advantages you’d get by dealing with one partner for all your business mobile and hosting needs. One simple monthly invoice, the best possible support, the fastest most reliable hosting in the UK and a choice of some the best handsets around. Well now you can have all this and more. Netcetera and our partners have got together to bring you one of the most comprehensive communications solutions available in the UK today.

Mobile & Hosting

Low cost doesn’t have to mean a compromise on service and support. You’ll be guaranteed an unprecedented level of customer service, control and flexibility that allows you completely bespoke tariffs to suit your business requirements. Our Hosting is amongst the best in the UK. Offering unprecedented levels of reliability and connectivity backed up with excellent 24/7 technical support and the most cost effective Management and Backup solutions available anywhere.

  • One account for all your mobile and hosting
  • One invoice for all your solutions
  • Manage your monthly spend with ease
  • Fantastic Hardware
  • First class support 24/7
  • Latest technology
  • Guaranteed to save you money
Combine these two great solutions into one fantastic Business Package

Mobile – single user tariff – unlimited calls and texts in UK/EU, 3GB of UK 4G data, 500 MB EU data on a 24 months contract for only £35.00 /pm – FREE hardware including the Apple iPhone 7 32GB and Samsung Galaxy S7

Hosting – Any Netcetera Windows or Linux Business Package or above including Dedicated Servers, Cloud and Colocationstarting from only £9.99 /pm

Start Saving Today

Call Belinda today to find out how we can help you and your business get the most from any of our products and solutions.

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Put your IT business action plan into place with Netcetera

Many of Netcetera’s clients regularly review their IT and hosting requirements and with our assistance, some can even find room for improvement and even cost savings through embracing the latest technology available.

If you, like many other businesses, are thinking of moving your IT systems to the cloud, implementing a new backup and recovery solution, upgrading a dedicated server or even looking to improve the reliability and speed of your website we’re here to offer free impartial advice.

It may be that nothing needs to change but quite often businesses don’t just stand still. Staff numbers increase, regulatory implications come into force regarding data protection and the reliance upon the internet and data increases on a daily basis.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be focussing on helping businesses review their IT and hosting needs and introducing some great new products that will save time and money.

To start the ball rolling we’ve put together a definitive list of everything you may need to consider before migrating to the Cloud:

  • Email account you can use and synchronise among several devices
  • Online storage for your backups and file sharing
  • Web hosting and a free domain for your website
  • Antivirus software that protects your computer
  • Remote monitoring facility which sends alerts in case there is an issue with your PC
  • Anti-spam filter to protect you from spam and viruses
  • Setup and migration of all your data

We pride ourselves on listening to our client’s requirements prior to suggesting any solution, whether this be keeping things as they are, or moving to a new server, migrating to a cloud solution or simply just adding a level of management to what you already may have.

Some of our exciting new management solutions are ideal for the busy office, and with Netcetera 247 Desktop Complete from only £5.00 p/m you’ll be surprised how cheap it is to cover all of your office pc’s saving you a small fortune in time and money waiting for an outsourced IT technician to arrive.

There’s never been a better time to review your IT action plan and with our help you’ll be able to make the best use of the most modern technology available. There’s various ways we can help you carry out your review so why not put us to the test today, you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Get My IT Action Plan

This is a totally FREE service with no obligation whatsoever. At the end of each review you’ll receive a PDF document, clearly highlighting any areas where savings and improvements could be found. There’s absolutely no catch, and you don’t even have to be an existing client. Give us a go today and you could be pleasantly surprised.

Questions? Let us help!

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Netcetera launches new Global Cloud Hosting in 43 locations worldwide

Choosing a Cloud Server is never going to be an easy decision to make. Not only do you have to consider the cost but there are so many other key points that need to be considered prior to deciding on what the best option is for your business. One of which is where your Cloud is located.
Netcetera is one of Europe’s leading cloud hosting companies and we can now provide a Cloud Hosting solution that spans 43 locations around the world 17 more than Azure and 8 more than AWS, giving businesses who want to use a cloud based server one of the largest global platforms available.

We understand that clients who demand leading cloud performance and high availability for their applications want to locate these applications close to their operational base with the added benefits of an improved end user experience through low latency and fault tolerance. Another added benefit is having a truly scalable on demand server to cope with the demands of any business.

Driven by the global economy and new markets Netcetera has dramatically increased its global presence to help customers and partners meet their own objectives of providing applications close to their user base. Very simply you will now be able to choose your locations and still only have to deal with one supplier regardless of where you need to be based.

Another benefit of choosing to host with Netcetera is to mitigate against the risk of downtime or a complete IT systems failure. Although rare, failures can occur that affect the availability of instances that are in the same location. Netcetera can now help you mitigate this risk through offering multiple site locations across the globe for your cloud servers.

The benefits of choosing to host with Netcetera are considerable:

  • Truly global locations
  • Exceptional support – 24/7 fast response
  • Environment focused – ISO accredited
  • Highest levels of reliability – 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Low latency – super fast connectivity
  • Cost effective – without compromise
  • Improved end user experience – increase sales and productivity
  • Unrivaled backup and recovery
  • Mitigate risk

With new markets opening across the globe leading to an ever increasing number of business opportunities it makes sense for businesses to fully utilise the benefits of a platform that will increase operational speeds and reliability. Our new cloud hosting service is available for businesses of all sizes to use and is perfect for a wide variety of applications from a cloud website to a fully hosted cloud IT solution.

Netcetera can now leverage a truly global network of datacenters to maintain availability in a cost-effective manner providing our clients with the highest levels of service no matter where in the world they operate from.

Area Number Of Locations
Argentina Buenos Aires 1
Australia Perth 2
Brasil Sao Paulo 1
Brasil Campinas 1
Bulgaria Sofia 1
Canada Montreal 1
Canada Toronto 2
Estonia Tallinn 1
France Paris 1
France Strasbourg 1
Hong Kong Hong Kong 1
Italy Milan 2
Netherlands Amsterdam 1
New Zealand Palmerston North 1
Norway Oslo 1
Norway Trondheim 1
Russian Federation Moscow 1
Spain Madrid 1
Sweden Karlstad 2
Switzerland Zurich 1
Tunisia Tunis 1
Ukraine Kiev 1
United Kingdom London 5
United Kingdom Manchester 1
United States Atlanta 3
United States Dallas 1
United States Phoenix 1
United States Tacoma 1
United States Riverside 1
United States Southfield 1
United States Salt Lake City 1
United States Portland 1
United States Newark 1
United States Alexandria 1
Sweeden karlskrona 1
Australia Melbourne 1

Our investment in the latest infrastructure technologies ensures our clients achieve the highest levels of reliability without any compromise on costs. All of this is backed by the best support available 24/7.

The introduction of this exciting new Cloud platform will also be a welcome solution for e-commerce businesses looking for a solution that will put them closer to their clients guaranteeing improved speed of applications and super fast loading speeds for business websites.

Our Cloud Solutions provide a broad set of services and partners, with support options easily available to help make sure you can focus on what will make your solution a success. Let us help you get the most out of Cloud technology today.

Build Your Global Cloud Now

Questions? Let us help!

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No Hassle Free Migration – Get Better Hosting Today The Easy Way

Imagine having to put up with a really slow website, or a website that is never there when people are looking for it. Worse still imagine being stuck with it because the costs of moving to a better hosting provider are prohibitive?
One of the biggest issues businesses and individuals have is being able to switch from a sub standard, unreliable hosting company to a hosting provider like Netcetera that delivers on price, security, speed, reliability and on the environment.
We hear these stories almost every day, “My website is down again” “It takes ages for my site pages to load” “There’s no tech support available” “They’ve put my price up again and I don’t know what I can do”
There’s now no need to put up with substandard hosting anymore. We’ve made switching to better hosting quick and easy and when you pay annually for your hosting from the UK’s #1 we’ll migrate you over for FREE.
We’ve taken on board all of your comments and we’ve made switching to better hosting so much easier, we’ll do it for you. That’s right, when you decide to switch to better hosting from Netcetera and pay for 12 months hosting we’ll switch your website for free. Not only giving you the most reliable fastest hosting in the UK but also saving you potentially hundreds of pounds in migration costs.
So why not kick your unreliable hosting provider into the long grass and make the switch to better hosting the easy way with Netcetera today.
Simply choose a hosting solution to meet your requirements, and let us worry about doing the move, we’ll take all the hassle away leaving you with a super reliable website and awesome 24/7 technical support.

Questions? Let us help!

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Shockproof Your Business Today With The Most Resilient Disaster Recovery Available

The Only Thing Harder Than Planning For An Emergency Is Explaining Why You Didn’t!

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to make Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity more cost effective and simple to set up. Unfortunately it’s not a subject that everyone enjoys reading about but at the same time it’s something that many businesses cannot do without.

Hopefully your business doesn’t fit in with any of the below but if it does we feel we have the answer to any concerns you might have.

Although the statistics may appear to be on the negative side, it doesn’t have to be like this for your business.

  • 80% of companies have not developed crisis management for IT coverage to support business continuity, keeping the business functioning effectively.
  • 25% of financial institutions have no business continuity plan.
  • 19% of financial institutions who have business continuity plans have not tested them in the last five years.
  • 80% of business without a well structured recovery plan are forced to shut within 12 months of a flood or fire (information courtesy of the London Chamber of Commerce).

Having a well structured plan in place can shockproof your business against many of the events that could, under normal circumstances prove catastrophic for your business.

Flooding, storm damage, power cuts, human error and computer viruses are common place events that can adversely affect the functionality of a business. These are just a few of the many unexpected reasons a business might have to cease trading. Small and medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable if they don’t have a contingency plan in place when disaster strikes.

Having a Business Contingency Strategy is proven to protect your business:

  • Minimise interruption of normal business operations.
  • Limit disruption and damage.
  • Minimise any financial and reputational repercussions.
  • Establish alternative means of operations.
  • Train personnel in emergency procedures.
  • Provide smooth and rapid service restoration.

Quite simply, the question we’re asking businesses to think about is “how does your plan stack up?” Could your business continue to function without an office or IT system?

You’re probably now thinking “do the costs add up and is it really worth it?” The following example might help. This is what occurred when Sabre Travel’s IT system crashed for 3 hours.

Sabre Travel – Sabre operate a booking system used by 300 of the world’s biggest airlines. The travel world was thrown into turmoil when their systems went down.. From a customer’s perspective thousands faced long delays, cancellations and couldn’t book flights. From a business perspective there was the loss of income due to customers inability to book flights and a negative impact on brand image.

The outage is estimated to have cost Virgin Airlines between £6.5 and £10 million pounds.

On a much smaller scale, a business with a yearly revenue of £250,000 can expect costs of £147.00 per hour, or £1,176.00 per day from down-time. These figures do not include the costs of reputational damage and potential fines if data is lost due to an incident.

When looking at those costs, can a SMB survive for example a week of downtime resulting from flooding? Disasters such as this don’t only carry financial costs, but also reputational damage. Furthermore, the disaster may lead to a loss of data which can result in hefty penalties from regulatory bodies.

On a positive note, choosing a solution that is both cost effective and meets your requirements has just been made a whole lot easier. Just ask yourself the questions below and if any of them make you feel a little uncomfortable the planning process has already begun.

  • When did you last try restoring your business critical data?
  • Are you confident that in the event of a disaster recovery that you can get your IT system back-up seamlessly?
  • If your office became unavailable what would happen to you clients and staff?
  • Could you survive for more than a week without IT and an office?  
  • Does your insurance cover your business for loss of data and income?
  • Do you know how much your business would lose as a result of 1 week of downtime?

Get a quote from Netcetera for your DR today and even if your current agreement isn’t up for renewal any time soon we’ll keep the quote valid so you can compare what’s available, helping you to make the right choice.

Discover Better DR Today


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7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Do I get what I pay for?

So as we come to the end of what we hope has been an informative story, we come to what might be the most important element.

Part 8: The Cost

Following on from the Introduction and previous blog posts including last weeks insight into Tools and applications . It’s now time to turn our attention to the price you pay.

Last but not least, pricing is an important factor when choosing a web host. With so many providers out there we know it can be a difficult choice to make, especially when you have to consider all the different variables that go into pricing an individual plan. The general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for.

If a company is charging a very small monthly fee, they have no choice but to skimp in other areas, perhaps in some of the ways we have highlighted in these blogs.

Another area to be on the lookout for is renewal pricing. Many hosts will offer a significantly discounted price for the first year in order to “get you hooked,” but when renewal time comes, your bill can be up to three times the cost of your first year! Make sure to read what you are buying and what the future pricing is likely to be.

At Netcetera we have simple pricing, no hidden costs or small print and to help you get started we allow you to pay monthly. There is no renewal pricing, what you see is what you get. Our plans start at only £2.99 per month and regardless of which solution you require, each one comes with fantastic reliability, security and awesome support without sacrificing on quality.

Make the right choice for you

As you can see, there are many factors that come into play when choosing a web host. These general factors should help you find the right one, even if it’s not with Netcetera we would still hope you’ll see the tremendous value we provide. If at any time you have to question if Netcetera is right for you, simply head to our website and start up a live chat. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. If you’re ready to get started here are our most popular plans:

Explore Netcetera Hosting

Whatever you’re looking for, Pick The Best Host For You!

And do it today!!


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7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Tools and Applications

Part 7: How easy it is it to create your website?

Following on from the Introduction, Longevity and HistorySupportHardware thoughts on Network and the insight into backups we covered last week. It’s now time to turn our attention to the software and systems that are available to allow your creativity to flow and make your dream site a reality.

Just like when you are choosing a new mobile phone or desktop, there are different platforms your web host can use to help you manage your website. Like iOS for iPhones, and Android on other phones, all of the control panels help you do things like adding account users, email addresses, FTP accounts, databases just like you do when setting up a new phone.

So why does this matter? There are many free, unsupported control panels out there, and some are easier to use than others. Play around with your proposed web host. Try out their control panel. See how it works and what questions you have.

At Netcetera you can access 1000’s of one click installations to give you the applications and tools you need to make building your new website as easy as possible with stunning results. 

The one-click installations include WordPress, Drupal, or Magento in literally less than a few seconds and most of them are free.

As you know we are offering a free trial of our hosting service, if you haven’t signed up yet and want to discover what truly service is like, now is the perfect time!

7 Day Free Trial

Hosting Highlight: Don’t just take our word for it

We’re so confident that you’ll love what we can offer,  that we’re prepared to give you a 7 day free trial so you can see for yourself just how good it is.

You can do a lot in 7 days on one of our shared hosting packages so why not start your risk free trial today and start building your presence on the web with hosting from Netcetera.
As an added incentive our hosting is 100% Green


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Want to avoid Nominet’s UK domain name price increases?

As you may have read in the press recently, Nominet the .uk domain name registry is increasing the wholesale price of all .uk domain names by 50% from the 1st of March 2016. This includes .uk,,, and

Although the price increase may be seen as some people as being insignificant, Netcetera is committed to providing its clients with the best value available on all domain names registered. We believe our UK Domain Name registration prices to be the best value available anywhere in the UK.

If clients want to avoid these price changes, they are able to lock in their current pricing for up to 10 years, so long as this is done before changes are implemented on March 1st, 2016.

For all of your currently registered .uk domain names you can avoid this increase for up to 10 years by renewing them in advance anytime between now and the end of February. you’ll be pleased to hear that we have introduced a simple 3 step process.

  1. Simply go to  and log in.
  2. Find the domain you wish to add years on to and select the number of years.
  3. Press ‘order now’ and proceed to the payment screen.

Lock in Now


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FREE Business Continuity Setup

Businesses that operate in today’s competitive environment have to ensure seamless, reliable and effective business continuity in the event of any kind of outage that can cause disruption.  Failing to have a provision in place can lead to catastrophic damage.

Free Business Continuity Setup (3)

The financial, regulatory, legal and reputational risks of failing to plan for any such an occurrence are well documented. When thinking about business recovery it’s quite easy to be drawn into thinking “oh what’s the chance of an earthquake on the Isle of Man” but in reality the need to temporarily relocate staff is caused by much more mundane events such as burst pipes.

Business Continuity with Netcetera’s planB will give your business all the essentials needed to maintain operation through incidents of any kind : power failureIT crashes – fire – floodutility outage and human errors.

What do you get?

  • Shared or Dedicated Seats
  • Located outside of Douglas
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Close to airport and transport
  • Resilient Green Datacentre onsite
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
  • Secure onsite parking
  • Kitchen and rest area
  • PC, Telephone and Printers
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Storage
  • Guest Wifi

We have a limited number of seats in our new Business Recovery Centre that come with FREE setup, saving you £50.00 per seat on your path to recovery.

Download Brochure

The Centre also has hotdesks available, with WiFi and access to the listed facilities at £20.00 per day.


To speak to one of our Sales Consultants about what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please call 0800 808