Q4 Cloud Computing – Cloud Server or Dedicated Server?

Cloud servers and dedicated servers both have their own advantages. The differences between a Dedicated Server vs Cloud Computing are significant and the selection between the two should be based upon individual needs. For those who are expanding into a web-based market, one should research the options carefully before making a commitment.

The major difference between the two is that a dedicated server is a physical piece of equipment housed in a room somewhere. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is a virtual server which allows customization, load balancing, and storage.

A dedicated server is a structure that works on a specified website that has been rented from a host. It has the advantage of providing services without the competition generally associated when multiple servers share a single site. Additionally, the monthly fee is always the same, regardless of how much navigation or space is used. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is capable of allowing for spikes in traffic, offers a broader range of exposure, and provides many amenities not available in the other option. Although it is a shared server, it can balance a higher load, easily expand websites based on individual needs, and provide hardware upgrades on a regular basis.

Cloud servers enable vertical scaling by selecting the desired resources as and when required. Cloud servers also give you the capacity to add or remove memory, computing power, and hard drive space within a short span of time. However with dedicated servers, you are able to re size your hosting platform but it may take some time to add or remove the resources; this is because it involves the tasks like establishing a new server, upgrading software, and installing new software.

Most people seem to like the idea that in the event of a Dedicated Server located in a  datacentre failing, someone will immediately run to fix it. The difference with the Cloud is that its’ providers have many data centres located all over the world, so if your instance goes down, or even an entire datacentre goes down, you simply start up a new instance somewhere else. The problem is solved in a matter of minutes.

Deployment Time
It is very easy to deploy a ready to use server in the cloud server framework. All that you have to do is select a package and the software. Your server will be configured within a short span of time, and it will be ready for use. In case of dedicated server, everything has to be done manually such as selecting and installing the hardware and installing the operating system.

This is the major point of difference between cloud servers and dedicated servers. In terms of cloud server hosting, the payment only has to made for the resources used and no extra payment is involved. Whereas in terms of dedicated server hosting, payment has to be made for all the resources that are provided even if not fully utilised.

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