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In today’s ecommerce driven world, having a website which looks good, runs efficiently and remains online a high percentage of the time has never been so important to the success of a business. Thus finding a good web hosting company is a key component to guaranteeing that success.

online-backup-and-sharingAt Netcetera you can transfer your existing hosting package to us in just a few simple and easy to follow steps, and with a guarantee of no interruption to your website.

Before you start
Ensure that you have a full working copy of your website files, databases, cgi scripts, etc. stored on your computer. Make a record of any email address settings and passwords from your current hosting provider.

Your new Netcetera Account
Order your chosen Netcetera web hosting service using an email address that is on a different domain from the one you are initially wishing to transfer.
Upload your website via FTP address or the online file manager in the control panel, install and configure any databases and scripts. Setup your email accounts.

Test your website with your instant access url. eg

The Switch
Contact your Domain registrar and have the DNS information for your domain changed to point at the corresponding Netcetera’s Name Servers:

In approximately 12-24 hours check your domain name to ensure it is now pointing to your new Netcetera web server.
At that point you should cancel service with your previous host provider. Make sure they remove your domain name from their DNS servers.

Check you EMail Settings
Check the email settings in your email software to make sure your settings work with the new service. This should read something similar to:

Incoming POP3 Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Server:
Login: Your full email address

Enjoy reliable, hassle free, supported hosting service with Netcetera and best of luck with your online venture.

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