7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Backups and Beyond


Part 6: Other Offerings

Following on from the previous post links of which can be found here Introduction.  We now turn to what the other services they can offer

You will want to make sure you are protected in the event of an emergency!

Thousands of websites get hacked each day, but fortunately most of the problems people have with losing information is due to user error. For example, perhaps you are working on your new blog, install a new plugin, and uh-oh, your site doesn’t load any more! You’ll want to get a backup of your data and restore your site, right?

But, if you look at the terms of service of many web hosts, there is no backup service, and no liability for a loss of data. The server could delete every account and you would have nothing to restore!

Regardless of where you choose to host your website, remember to make your own backups of your data including website files, images, databases, and emails!

But, at Netcetera, we want to make your hosting experience as painless as possible. Our Home, Designer, Business and Reseller customers get backups, included for free, although its always a great idea to keep a copy of your own site.

Managed Hosting is for those who prefer to have their web host provider maintain and monitor their website, operating system and all supported applications. Our Managed Web Hosting packages work well for small businesses in particular, since it eliminates the necessity and expense of buying, operating and maintaining a server.

Netcetera handles the daily operations of servers including all maintenance, backups and updates. Our experienced system administrators handle tasks such as applying software patches and the constant security monitoring of the server. Because customers may effectively rely upon the expertise of technical professionals to perform essential mission critical tasks, Managed Hosting is often one of the more viable hosting options for businesses to consider.

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Hosting Highlight: Managed Hosting

Netcetera offers a full range of hosting options, depending on your organization’s needs. Whether you’re launching the next hit blog or creating an online shopping empire, Netcetera’s range of managed hosting options cater to your needs.  Our hosting packages can help create a professional backbone for your online business.


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