7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Network

Part 5: Network and Connectivity

Following on from the Introduction, Longevity and HistorySupport and last weeks thoughts on Hardware, now it’s time to look at the Network that your website is running over.

Similar to the type of hardware your website is sitting on, the network it’s connected to is probably even more critical to the performance of your site!

Take a close look at their network, make sure they have an infrastructure that is very stable and offers consistently good speed, check on line independent test sites like Webperf and Netcraft.   You need to find out what kind of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and network up-time guarantees they offer, and what will happen in case of a mishap, and do they have a status page so you can see the uptime?

Think about it; If you have the world’s fastest web server, but the network the server is connected to is very slow, your website is going to appear slow to your visitors and potential clients, since they have to go through the datacentre’s network in order to access the servers your site is on.

In addition to a fast network, your web host should have active security measures in place to be able to handle attacks such as DDOS, and have multiple routes to the internet in the event one goes down. This will ensure your site doesn’t go down with it.

Netcetera Operates N+1 across our business this covers our connectivity, cooling and our power. This means that we have primary and backup to all essential systems including our power generators that run the datacentre in the event of a long term power cut. 

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Hosting Highlight: Dedicated Server

Our premium dedicated servers are priced like VPS at other companies. Standard config  includes twin 1TB drives and generous RAM and a Quad-Core processor prices start from only £65.00 per month.


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