7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Backups and Beyond


Part 6: Other Offerings

Following on from the previous post links of which can be found here Introduction.  We now turn to what the other services they can offer

You will want to make sure you are protected in the event of an emergency!

Thousands of websites get hacked each day, but fortunately most of the problems people have with losing information is due to user error. For example, perhaps you are working on your new blog, install a new plugin, and uh-oh, your site doesn’t load any more! You’ll want to get a backup of your data and restore your site, right?

But, if you look at the terms of service of many web hosts, there is no backup service, and no liability for a loss of data. The server could delete every account and you would have nothing to restore!

Regardless of where you choose to host your website, remember to make your own backups of your data including website files, images, databases, and emails!

But, at Netcetera, we want to make your hosting experience as painless as possible. Our Home, Designer, Business and Reseller customers get backups, included for free, although its always a great idea to keep a copy of your own site.

Managed Hosting is for those who prefer to have their web host provider maintain and monitor their website, operating system and all supported applications. Our Managed Web Hosting packages work well for small businesses in particular, since it eliminates the necessity and expense of buying, operating and maintaining a server.

Netcetera handles the daily operations of servers including all maintenance, backups and updates. Our experienced system administrators handle tasks such as applying software patches and the constant security monitoring of the server. Because customers may effectively rely upon the expertise of technical professionals to perform essential mission critical tasks, Managed Hosting is often one of the more viable hosting options for businesses to consider.

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Hosting Highlight: Managed Hosting

Netcetera offers a full range of hosting options, depending on your organization’s needs. Whether you’re launching the next hit blog or creating an online shopping empire, Netcetera’s range of managed hosting options cater to your needs.  Our hosting packages can help create a professional backbone for your online business.


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7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Network

Part 5: Network and Connectivity

Following on from the Introduction, Longevity and HistorySupport and last weeks thoughts on Hardware, now it’s time to look at the Network that your website is running over.

Similar to the type of hardware your website is sitting on, the network it’s connected to is probably even more critical to the performance of your site!

Take a close look at their network, make sure they have an infrastructure that is very stable and offers consistently good speed, check on line independent test sites like Webperf and Netcraft.   You need to find out what kind of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and network up-time guarantees they offer, and what will happen in case of a mishap, and do they have a status page so you can see the uptime?

Think about it; If you have the world’s fastest web server, but the network the server is connected to is very slow, your website is going to appear slow to your visitors and potential clients, since they have to go through the datacentre’s network in order to access the servers your site is on.

In addition to a fast network, your web host should have active security measures in place to be able to handle attacks such as DDOS, and have multiple routes to the internet in the event one goes down. This will ensure your site doesn’t go down with it.

Netcetera Operates N+1 across our business this covers our connectivity, cooling and our power. This means that we have primary and backup to all essential systems including our power generators that run the datacentre in the event of a long term power cut. 

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Hosting Highlight: Dedicated Server

Our premium dedicated servers are priced like VPS at other companies. Standard config  includes twin 1TB drives and generous RAM and a Quad-Core processor prices start from only £65.00 per month.


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Ready To Launch Your New Business? Let Netcetera Help!

The Netcetera JumpStart programme is targeted at helping new businesses create the next BIG thing – be it in FinTech, Cloud, Internet, Mobile or Games development. We  will provide your Startup with a great workspace at our Datacentre as well as FREE tools, top-quality mentorship, and training workshops designed to successfully take your business to the next level.

We understand how vital it is that startups establish an effective online business as soon as they can. With many businesses deriving up to 40% of all sales from the internet, we know that the future is the internet and it moves pretty fast.

However, new startup companies face a multitude of challenges in the early days, and often find it difficult to understand the process of setting up a business online.

What you get from Netcetera!

  • Up to $120,000 worth of FREE software and services in association with Microsoft BizSpark
  • 3 years of FREE Cloud Server management, valued at over £2,000, including all backend management, security, backups, patching, and 24/7 monitoring
  • FREE use of a HotDesk
  • Ongoing Business Mentoring

We can also help you with your website design, choosing the right hosting package, assist you with your business plan and help you prepare the documents needed to apply for Government funding.

At Netcetera, we work very closely with a variety of new companies, offering special pricing and promotions for our cloud portfolio. We help you plan, deploy and run a cloud customised for you. We ensure you get the solution that best suits your requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business, rather than managing your infrastructure.

Our aim  is to ease the burden, from both a technical and cost perspective during the formative stages of setting up your business. We would hope our relationship will grow and we can assist your business as it grows and becomes a success.

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It’s the widget that makes a padlock appear in your browser bar and its standard security technology for encrypting information sent between the website and a visitor’s web browser.

SSL Certificate

SSL ensures the link between the server and browser is private and secure, thus safeguarding any sensitive information sent between the two such as login details and credit card information.

If I am a website owner, do I need one and why?

Firstly,  search engines are always looking to secure sensitive search data and make the web a safer place for their users, and Google is a driving force behind this notion.   Google have recently announced that they will be using SSL secured websites as a preferred ranking indicator. This means that sites which are SSL protected will receive an extra boost up the list in search engine results.

In addition, later this year, users of Google’s Chrome browser will begin to receive Google search results warning of any links to non-SSL enabled websites. This means that even if your website currently ranks well in Google, if your site is not SSL enabled your search result will have a “non-secure” warning next to it, implying to any potential visitors that the site is not secure.

How do I set this all up?

Setting up SSL with our hosting couldn’t be easier.

Just follow the on-screen instructions to add an SSL certificate to your hosting package and verify your domain name via an authorisation email and depending on the type of certificate you have bought you are done.

How much will this cost?

Prices start from just £14.99 per annum. Order yours today!

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Microsoft ending support for Windows 2003 on 14th July 2015 – do you have an Action Plan?

Microsoft are ending support for Windows Server 2003 on the 14th July 2015 – don’t worry, let Netcetera help you.Windows 2003 end of life migration

As of the 14th July 2015 Microsoft will end  Windows Server 2003 support. It’s time to act to avoid unnecessary risk and costs, and plan and execute your migration strategy.
Businesses who don’t make the switch in time will be exposed to:
  • Increased risk with no Windows updates
  • No security updates!
  • No bug fixes
  • Lack of support – No ability to contact Microsoft for technical support in the event of problems
  • Compliance issues – Application vendors will also pull support for Windows Server 2003 Current applications will run, but future versions won’t
  •  Increased cost Continuing to run Windows Server 2003 will result in high cost  custom support agreements
How can Netcetera assist you?
Netcetera are a premium Datacentre  with a wealth of experience.  We help businesses of all sizes by hosting their Data and systems on our dedicated or cloud servers which are running the latest Windows operating systems, not only are these up to date but you get the peace of mind that comes with a quality Datacentre solution as well as lower running costs.

How we can help
  • Help you plan and implement through to migration
  • Certified Microsoft Silver hosting accreditation
  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accredited

Ready to take action?
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